travel-to-fiji1. Currency Gives You Purchasing Power: If you are traveling from the United States to Fiji, then note that currency will change – in your favor. It is normal for the value of the American dollar to double when converted into the Fijian dollar. It’s a fantastic place to visit, with the American dollar giving you purchasing power. Tipping? Many say that you do not need to tip in Fiji. However, in good faith, it should be recommended, especially when visiting one of the more tourist destination.

2. You Will Be On A Boat: Fiji is a group of islands, covering 75,000 square miles of ocean. You will be on a boat in one way or another. At Turtle Airways, we have seaplane routes to get you to your resort in far less time then traditional boat transfers, and we offer scenic daytrips, sightseeing tours, and charters to let you enjoy more of Fiji in less time!

3. Bula! Many people who visit Fiji note that the best aspect of their travels is the Fijian people. The Fijian people take pride in their culture and the tourism that their islands attract. Remember, if someone yells “Bula”, they are saying “hello” or noting your presence. Like “Aloha”, “Bula” is used in various social contexts.

4. Enjoy a cup of Kava: Kava is a traditional Fijian drink that contains ground pepper plant. Not particularly spicy, the drink has a slight numbing effect on the lips. It is choke full of Vitamin B, which has a very relaxing effect on the drinker.

5. Flower Power: Fiji is inundated with flowers that truly memorize. Fiji has capitalized on this, with the Garden of the Sleeping Giants having the largest collection of flower in all of Fiji.

Staff Farwell-556. Supporting Local Villagers: Many of the smaller shops are very welcoming, beckoning people who may be passing by with a cup of kava. After such hospitality, it’s always recommended to show appreciation by purchasing a souvenir. In Fiji, it’s part of the tourism culture.

7. Bring An Underwater Camera: Fiji has more than 300 islands and 500 islets. Turtle Airways will get you from place to place. Remember, that you will be surrounded by water in all sides, with beautiful reefs and wildlife. A moment on one of the islands, and you’d wished that you would have brought your underwater camera!

8. Year Round Tropical Weather: Fijian islands are located in a pristine location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, allowing the islands to enjoy warm weather on a year-round basis. It’s recommended to bring sunscreen with a SPF of 30+.

9. Care Free Dressing Etiquette: Fiji is a carefree zone, so feel free to have fun with your clothing. Fiji has many honeymooners, so a bit of modesty goes a long way.

10. Allow Yourself To Enjoy Fiji! Everyone who visits Fiji will have an enjoyable and memorable experience. Romance, a sense of family, scuba diving, and snorkeling are some of the realities while visiting Fiji. Allow yourself to enjoy your sense of adventure while traversing through Fiji – and let Turtle Airways cater to that sense of adventure.