“Chosing Turtle Airway to get to the Yasawas was one of the most memorable times I had with my Family” – Bourrel

These unique experiences take you To the central Yasawa Islands, dubbed as the Blue Lagoon region following the 1980 film The Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields.

Renowned for its beauty, pristine white beaches, and crystal clear waters – the area has attracted many movie stars, business, and political leaders, and in 20lO was the shooting location for Sports Illustrated Swimwear edition.

Home To some of Fiji’s best island getaways, delivering a magical experience for couples, families, or the adventurer.

fiji-beaches“The Beach” for day trips

Experience on untouched piece of paradise, tucked away in The Yasawa Islands This pristine beach sits on The Blue Lagoon. Whether you’re looking To sit back and read a book, discover the reefs just meters from the shoreline armed with a snorkel and camera, going on a hand line fishing expedition with the locals, a village trip, or frolicking in the shallows, this is the experience for you. Reserved for a limited number of people per day you are sure to skip the crowds on This trip.

exlusive-fiji-tripMajestic Sawa-i-lau Caves

(Day Trip)

Your scenic seaplane flight will deposit you right outside these ancient limestone caves, which is said to be the home of the Yasawa islands’ Deity, Ulutini. Before entering a traditional Fijian ceremony is held at the nearby village, where the Guardians of the Cave grant access into this majestic site. The legends and myths that surround this natural wonder are sure to amaze you as much as the caves themselves. You’ll need swimwear for this.

Exclusive Private Beach Experience

Ever dreamed of having your very own private beach? This is the experience for you. Take a 30-minute flight to the Yasawa Islands where you will enjoy your very own pristine white powdery beach, where you can enjoy snorkeling, picnic lunch, kayaking, or simply taking some time for relaxation in a hammock swaying under the palm trees, while enjoying a refreshing breeze.

This experience includes all food, non-alcoholic beverages, kayaks, blue lay down floaters, beach chairs, hammock, beach hut, and snorkeling gear.

Great for couples or families looking to share in a unique experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. This can be combined with a Jet-ski safari, Cave Trip, and Scuba Diving

All day trips aside from the Scenic flight are unavailable at the moment.