With the winter slowly approaching, it is natural for you to fantasize about an ideal tropical getaway destination. A place you can enjoy seeing the wonders of nature without having to feel chills of cold run down your spine. Fiji is a popular tourist destination owing to its serene white sand beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs among many other attractions. A rich cultural and environmental heritage are the most compelling reasons which can influence your choice of Fiji for spring break. Below, are four reasons why Fiji is the perfect getaway destination for spring break: western islands of Fiji (the Mamanuca island chain and the Yasawa island chain)

Nice Resorts

What can be a better experience than sipping a cold glass of juice as you walk down the beach in a coastal hotel?
What is more, you do not have to break into a bank to maintain your celebrity-like lifestyle during your vacation. The Fiji Islands of Mamanuca, (which are the filming location of the movie, “Cast Away”) and Yasawa islands have wonderful resorts for any budget. Whether you are traveling alone, together with your family or as a group, you can be sure to find a nice place that affordable. The islands are a few minutes flight away from the Nadi international airport.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Fiji is reputed for its pristine palm-fringed islands and exciting water activities. Its beaches, full of warm and clear water allow tourists to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving all-round the year. Marvel at the breathtaking sight of canyons, deep gorges and reefs and corals along the shores of Fiji’s 333 islands. With over a thousand species of beautiful fish and sponges, Fiji provides an excellent diving experiment. The island’s have over four thousand square miles of coral reefs. These provides divers with abundant marine biodiversity that is second to none. 

Meet the locals

Go To Fiji For Spring Break

Fijians are among the happiest people on earth. A visit to Fiji will not be complete without a meet with the locals to enjoy light moments. The locals are proud to showcase their culture and are always happy to greet you. Fly to Nadi to experience local Fijian life at its purest. On your way to Nadi, you will tour historic places including the town of Viseisi. There you can learn more about Fiji handicraft and traditional ceremonies. On your way to your Island Resort, enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the magnificent Sri Siva Subrahmaniya Swami Temple. Learn more about the island’s local life at the Robert Crusoe Island Resort.

Super-Fresh Seafood

Fijian cuisine is packed with seafood. As you enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the Fiji island, you can be sure to have your catch for dinner later in the day. Among the most popular seafood include snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna, prawns, grouper, crab, and lobster. You can enjoy your seafood raw or cooked. Do not forget to have a taste of Kokodo. It is Fiji’s national delicacy made from coconut milk marinated mahi-mahi mixed with tomatoes and onions.