Fiji is diverse in many ways including in its culture and environment and for many reasons, it is the best south pacific island destination. It has 333 islands and only a third of them are inhabited. Western Fiji islands of Mamanuca, Yasawa, and western Viti-Levu islands are a chain of stunning palm-fringed islands with placid lagoons, impeccable white sandy beaches, and picturesque resorts. The islands are attractive tourist destination where you can experience numerous exciting activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling, trekking to sacred peaks, sunbathing and experiencing Fijian culture in local villages.

Seaplanes provide quick and convenient means of getting from one exciting location to the next one. It is also while on board in a seaplane that you will enjoy great views of shaggy volcano peaks, exotic waterfalls, scenic coral reefs, and dense rainforest.

Below are 4 reasons why Fiji is the best south pacific island destination.

Accommodation For Every Budget

Best South Pacific Island DestinationUnlike other tourist destinations, Fiji caters to every budget when it comes to accommodation. Yasawa and the western Viti Levu have numerous budget accommodations. The Mamanuca islands where the movie ‘Cast Away’ which featured Tom Hanks was filmed is also popular with backpackers and budget travelers. People have varying needs and budget for their vacations and Fiji has all the options for every budget. Besides budget friendly ‘backpackers accommodations’, there are ultra-luxurious and exclusive resorts as well and everything in between. Irrespective of your budget, you are assured of getting accommodation for your holiday or vacation in Fiji.

A Vacation Destination For Everyone

Even though Fiji is a great destination for romantic trips, weddings, and honeymoons, it is also an excellent tourist destination for families and groups. For a family holiday, you will find family-oriented water activities in many resorts as well as childcare and kid’s facilities to keep them busy and excited all day. Some of the resorts provide nanny services to care for the kids even for as little as $4 to $5 an hour. Whether it’s a family vacation with kids, romantic holiday or a tour with friends and colleagues, you will have a blissful holiday in Fiji, the best south pacific island destination.

Numerous Exciting Activities

The Mamanucas, Yasawa and western Viti-Levu islands are excellent spots for different water sports activities including surfing, snorkeling, diving, and many others. Fiji also has great respect for ceremonies and strong cultural traditions. Kava is one of the customs that are celebrated locally as well as in other islands of Tonga and Samoa. Kava is even considered as the national beverage and is a mild narcotic drink made from the root of the pepper plant. Drinking Kava is part of social pastime and is also a way of marking an important occasion either in villages or at a resort. You will also get to enjoy campfire barbecues or fly over the Mamanucas islands and watch a string of islets that stretch several miles to Viti Levu on the northwest.

It’s Closer And The Weather Is Fantastic

There are daily flights from Los Angeles to Nadi and the flight takes 11 hours. The flights are cheap compared to many other flights in other tourist destinations such as the Caribbean islands. The weather is fabulous and cool and Fiji has winter season during the summer in the northern hemisphere. The summer in Fiji is dry with an average of 5 inches of rain in the month of July and the average temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Getting to Fiji is easy and what is even more thrilling is knowing that the weather is conducive and tolerable for your imminent great vacation.

These are some of the reasons why Fiji is the best south pacific destination. A seaplane tour with Turtle Airways will make the experience more fabulous and exciting because of splendid views of the island from above. Remember to carry your camera to keep the exciting memories with you for life. Visit Fiji for a relaxed and one of its kind vacation or holiday trip.