The island nation of Fiji is made up of over 300 islands, and 500 islets that span around 7,000 miles of the South Pacific. Needles to say, Fiji is a paradise for those that love the water. If you are heading to Fiji, here are our 5 picks for things to do in the water that are truly a must for every water sport fan.

naviti-island-groupSwim With The Manta Rays

Manta Rays pass though the shallow water ways between the islands of the Naviti Island Group on the southern part of the Yasawa Island Chain from May and October every year. These gentle giants of the deeps swim majestically through the channel while you swim along with them. There is truly nothing on earth that can compare with sharing the waters with such a magnificent creature as the Manta Ray, and you are planning on being in Fiji between May and October, this is an activity that you have to try.

Shark Feeding Dives

We’ve all heard the phrase “swimming with sharks” but in Fiji, this isn’t at dangerous as it may seem! In fact, many resorts offer shark feeding dives where guests can feed the alpha predators of the deep. There are many species of sharks in the waters around Fiji. White tip and Black tip reef sharks are among the most common and don’t usually bite people, although spear fishers have to be careful that a shark may try to steal their catch!

Diving the Coral Reefs

Fiji is world famous for their soft coral reefs. With thousands of varieties of fish and other sea life in these amazing ecosystems, it is no wonder that diving the coral reefs is considered a “must do” activity. Nothing can really compare to the beauty of a coral reef teaming with life. It gives you a whole new appreciation for a planets oceans.

Surfing the World Famous breaks

If you get more of a thrill staying above the waves, then you should try surfing the world famous breaks of Fiji. The Mamanuca Islands, just to the west of Viti Levu, are known to be some of the best surfing spots in the world. Fiji’s winter runs from April through October, and it is during this time of year that low pressure systems build down by New Zealand sending consistently huge swells toward Fiji. Places like Namotu Island regularly see 8-10 foot waves with 12 – 20 foot faces.

sailing-blue-lagoonSailing the Blue Lagoon

The calm, crystal clear waters of Fiji’s Blue Lagoon, (in the central part of the Yasawa Island Chain), may be the most romantic place on earth. Made famous in the 1980 coming of age / romance film, aptly titled “The Blue Lagoon”, no romantic getaway to Fiji would be complete without a leisurely afternoon traversing this world famous lagoon by the silent power of the wind.

Getting to Your Adventure

Although all these locations are in Fiji, getting from one to another may be harder then it looks if you are not in the know. The regularly scheduled boats that head out from Viti Levu to the Yasawa and Mamanuca islands aren’t as frequent as some might hope, and, depending on your destination, can take half a day. If you really want to maximize your time in Fiji, Turtle Airways offers Day Trips, Custom Charters, Scenic Flights and resort transfers to all the locations needed to enjoy all the activities every Fiji visitor should try. So go ahead and contact us if you are going to be in Fiji. We will help make your trip one to remember!