The Best Way to see Fiji is from aboveSituated in the amazing blue waters of the tropical South Pacific, the Fijian islands are truly a tropical paradise. Formed by volcanoes starting 150 million years ago, this paradise is an archipelago of over 330 islands and more then 500 islets with a total land area of over 7,000 square miles. Fiji is located over 1,000 miles northeast of New Zealand, and is home to about 860,000 people. 87% of the population of Fiji resides on the big islands of Viti Levu, and Vanua Levu. The rest of the inhabitants of Fiji are sparsely scattered across 110 of the remaining islands.

The over 700 uninhabited islands and islets in Fiji are natural paradises unspoiled by the “advances” of mankind. Like a secluded refuge, these tropical islands survive in the same state that they were in when the first humans came here in the prehistoric era like time capsules of a world unsoiled by the ever present march of technology. If you are planning a visit to the magical islands of Fiji, there is only one way to truly appreciate the majesty of these islands, and their surrounding reefs and seas: the best way to see Fiji is from above.

Imagine yourself soaring above the waves as the volcanic islands of Yasawa come over the horizon. Picture a view fit for the gods as your low flying flight takes you over the tree tops of unblemished tropical forests, and shorelines unspoiled by human interference. And then, as you head toward another island, you pass over a tranquil lagoon. You see the reefs under the waves, and the sea life, undisturbed by your presence. Fly over villages on the few inhabited islands and see what a Fijian village looks like from above. See world famous landmarks like the island from the film “Castaway”, the Blue Lagoon, and the Sawa-ilau caves, all from your viewpoint in the sky.

best way to see Fiji is from the airTurtle Airways shows you the best way to see Fiji with twenty minute, 40 minute, and 55 minute low flying scenic flights above Fiji. Your pilot will have a five minute pre-flight conversation with you to discuss areas of interest, and plan out the most suitable scenic route for you to discover rare and hidden gems of the south pacific.

The spirit of exploration and discovery lives within us. It is what first brought the Austronesians, Melanesians, and Polynesians to Fiji starting about 5,000 years ago, and what brought Europeans to these beautiful shores in the 17th century. But none of those early visitors could view the magic of Fiji from above. Only we have the technology to do that.

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