budget-friendly trip to FijiA trip to Fiji is a dream vacation, and most people believe that it’s a destination entirely out of their budget. But the truth is people from all walks of life visit and enjoy the luxury of Fiji. In fact, it’s a location frequented by budget travelers. The Yasawa Islands, Fiji’s most affordable region, has many low-cost hotels and hostels catered towards travelers who seek inexpensive accommodation. A dorm bed in a hostel will cost anywhere from 45-85 FJD, and a private room is about 125 FJD. If you only have a limited budget for your vacation, a hostel is the best option. You can save money by buying and cooking your own food. And if you can, buy your bottled water ahead of time; water and other beverages are 40 percent more expensive on the island. It’s a good idea to plan your trip to Fiji months in advance so that you can budget your funds and get the best deals. There are also tons of free activities you can do during your stay. Fiji is such a beautiful place that simply enjoying the beach or exploring the island is fun; it costs nothing to soak up the sun and dote on the beautiful waters.

In addition to accommodation, food, and excursions, transportation is a huge part of your travel expenses. While you might be tempted to catch a ferry to your destination, there are some things to consider. For starters, the Yasawa Flyer ferry leaves from Port Denarau once per day at 8:30 am and returns once at 5:45 pm. This is not very convenient considering that you might arrive at a different time. Not only that but depending on the island that you choose to visit, it could take up to five hours to arrive by boat. Long commutes can really put a damper in your vacation and take away from the time you have to enjoy the island. Therefore, traveling by a seaplane to your destination is the better option. A transfer on Turtle Airways can get you to your resort in 33 minutes, and flights are available every other hour. And if you have a small group of friends with you, it’s okay; the planes hold up to six passengers.

Frugal Travelers Make The Most Of Their HolidaySeaplanes are an excellent alternative to ferries. They get you to your location faster, and it’s the best transportation for those who dislike bumpy boat rides. Not to mention, the route from the port to the islands is gorgeous. You can indulge in the stunning scenery and view coral as you pass over the crystal waters. And if you’re concerned about the price, there’s no need to worry. A transfer by plane on Turtle Airways costs $380 FJD one-way to the Yasawa Islands. That’s only about $181 USD and well worth the time that it saves you. With the affordable cost of your plane transfer combined with the modest prices in Yasawa, you’ll be able to plan a budget-friendly trip to Fiji that you’ll love.