romantic getaway in fiji

Nadi: Where Exclusive Romantic Getaways in Fiji Begin

All destinations begin with Nadi. Or, at the very least, Nadi can be the starting point for the truly wonderful Fijian destinations the islands have to offer. Located to the west of the major island of Viti Levu, Nadi remains the perfect location in Fiji to launch exclusive romantic getaways. The South Pacific islands that comprise Fiji and its local vicinity certainly do reflect fantastic locales for those interested in very special romantic getaway. Fiji is known for its very active pursuits and those wishing to snorkel in its blue waters or climb popular mountains can do so as part of a relaxing Fijian holiday.

With flights to Nadi, you just might be able to do a lot more on the trip than initially thought. While all the many popular and famous touristy locales of Fiji are worth visiting, there are other places you and your paramour can travel to as well.¬† A few of these locations can be best described as being off the proverbial beaten path. Thanks to the location of the island, flights to Nadi can serve at the starting point of an amazing adventure into other unique regions of Fiji. There are quite a number of very interesting and, yes, romantic locales in Fiji to explore. Nadi’s centrally located proximity makes it great for exploring such regions. Traveling to the more exotic regions of Fiji becomes a lot easier when you have a more reliable and strategic origination point to venture from. Nadi does fit the description of being the perfect arrival/destination for those truly wishing to launch a special romantic getaway.

Fly from Nadi to Exotic Fiji Island Resorts

Seaplane-15The stellar destinations in Fiji can include Denarau, a tropical paradise only a short plane ride to the south of Fiji. The extensive lush green of the North Coast extends for many miles affording those with a love for the natural world a perfect excursion destination. Those with an absolute love for the adventurous are definitely going to want to travel to Pacific Harbour, a region known for a vast array of fun activities on the land or on the sea.

Of course, you do have to find a way to get to these locales. A reliable and reputable chartered flight service can help those looking to fully experience the exotic locations of Fiji do so.

A flight on a seaplane can be among the most memorable of all. Traveling by air on one of these planes always for great sightseeing from the air. Since the plane lands on the water and does not need to reach an airport, The benefit to this is quite obvious. Travelers can reach regions of Fiji that are way off the proverbial beaten path. The seaplane allows them to reach locations that are not easily accessible. Vacationers who take advantage of such flight are among the lucky few who have ever been able to see the locations.

Once again, all of this starts with flights to Nadi. Once you have landed at the airport in Nadi, you can then take a chartered seaplane to wherever you wish. Every exotic locations in Fiji can be opened to you and your paramour. You just need to book a flight with a solid charter service. Doing so surely will make a Fijian vacation unforgettable.