4 Fiji Vacation Spots You Have To Check OutIf you are planning a holiday adventure in Fiji, here are 4 Fiji vacation spots you have to check out. 

Although there are tons of activities to partake in while visiting Fiji, many people choose to just head to their resort, and stay on the beach until their vacation is over. Fiji has so much more to offer then that, so check out these 4 Fiji vacation spots and do more with your tropical island holiday!

Sawa-i-Lau Caves

Located in the northern part of the Yasawa Island Chain, the Sawa-i-Lau caves are natural limestone formations that have to be seen to be believed. 

The Sawa-i-Lau caves are filled with Fijian mythology and stories of sleeping gods, and forbidden love. While visiting the caves, a local Fijian guide will tell you the amazing stories associated with the caves.

You better bring your swim suit because you can’t walk into these caves. When in the first cave, light seeps down from a hole in the ceiling allowing you to see the full beauty of the cave. If you are adventurous, there is a second cave that can only be accessed through an underwater tunnel. 

The Blue Lagoon

Fiji is a tropical paradise. The picture perfect South Pacific Island Escape. If you have seen the movie “The Blue Lagoon” then you already are aware of the beauty and the romance of Fiji. The movie was shot in the Yasawa Island Chain and the actual Blue Lagoon is in the central part of the archipelago. Much of the movie was shot on the island that is now home to Turtle Island Resort. Also, along the calm, clear waters of the Blue Lagoon, you will find the Bay of Plenty resort on Matacawa Levu Island, and the Nanuya Island Resort, and Gold Coast Resort on Nanuya LaiLai Island.

The Manta Rays off of Nanuya Balavu Island

Manta Rays are amazing sea creature that swim through the water with majesty and grace. Generally, peak season for swimming with Manta Rays is between May and October, but there have been Manta Rays present as early as April and as late as Christmas!

You can find Manta Rays just off the coast of Mantaray Island Resort in a small channel that they love to swim through. Here you can get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the water. Whether in SCUBA or just snorkeling, you are sure to have an aquatic experience of a lifetime.

Any Fijian Village

Getting the most out of your trip to Fiji with Turtle Airways resort transfersOf course, no trip to Fiji is complete without a stop at an authentic Fijian village. There are many villages that dot the Yasawa Island Chain, and most of these villages are pretty much the same as they have been for hundreds of years. 

The Fijian people have been constantly recognized as the happiest people on the planet, and visiting one of their villages may help you to understand why. 

Just remember, when visiting a Fijian village, there is a certain amount of etiquette that must be followed. After all, this is their home (and a long time ago Fijians were cannibals…)

  • Dress conservatively. Men and women should cover their shoulders and knees. A sulu (or Fijian sarong) will usually do the trick for covering the knees, and a any shirt with sleeves will cover the shoulders.
  • Remove your hat and sunglasses before entering a Fijian Village. If you have a backpack, carry it in front of you. Leaving on your back looks like you are trying to hide something.
  • When entering the village, it is customary to bring a gift of Kava root for the village headman. If you are going to the village with a guide, they can show you were to buy the Kava. Also, gifts of books, magazines or school supplies for the children are always welcome.
  • When entering a Fijian home, remove your shoes and crouch when passing through the door. It is polite to introduce yourself to anyone in the room by shaking hands and telling them your name, and the city and country you are from.

Fiji is truly a magical place nestled in the heart of the south pacific. With over 300 islands, and 500 islets, it isn’t the easiest place to get around. Turtle Airways solves your travel problems with multiple daily flights from Nadi to Yasawa and around the islands. You can also charter flight for your specific needs, or book day trips or scenic flights. Give Turtle Airways a call before you come to Fiji, and we can help you make the most of your island getaway.