Fijian VillageWhat strikes you first when you land in Yasawa aboard a seaplane, is the friendly nature of the locals. Situated just north of the renowned Mamanucas, the Yasawa islands are home to gorgeous beaches, breathtaking landscapes and abundant sunshine. While here plan to take part in a traditional Fijian Kava ceremony; Kava, a traditional Fijian drink is a soothing drink derived from crushing the roots of the Yaqona plant.
Also known as “grog” by the locals, Kava creates a relaxed feeling for the drinker and is taken on important occasions. Fijians celebrate a Kava ceremony as a way to show respect and encourage unity.

Participating in a Kava Ceremony

Participating in a Kava ceremony is the perfect way to connect with Yasawa’s rich culture. When you arrive here, get a Kava root available at any local market and present it to your host. Above all, they will see it, as a sign of respect and that you understand the local culture. For the dress code, women should wear a sulu (Fijian dress) while men should dress respectively.

To kick off the ceremony, the chief man enters the bulding closely flowed by the rest participants. The eldest man represents the chief of the group; the ceremony then commences as the villagers grind the Kava and squeeze it into a wooden bowl located at the center of the room. The bowl is then presented to the chief, then other village heads and finally to the rest of the participants.

When Kava is served to the guests, they must clap once and say “Bula” which means love then drink the cup in one gulp. As a tradition, men drink before women; also, you are allowed to take pictures, but it is respectful to ask first.

Finally, as Kava induces a sense of relaxation, the ceremony is an ideal way to make new friends and get to know the villagers better. This explains why it was served to settle disputes in the past.

Getting to a Fijian Kava ceremony aboard a seaplane

Flying a seaplane is the most convenient way to explore the unmatched beauty of Yasawa. A seaplane can access the remotest areas of the island and afford you some magnificent experience. Also, it is the safest and fastest way to get to Yasawa, a seaplane takes just 30minutes from Nadi compared to a boat which takes at least 6 hours from the same location. Further, the scenery below while aboard a seaplane is simply breathtaking. You can take some souvenir photos of the expansive blue waters before you land.

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Get to a Kava ceremony today aboard our seaplane; when offered kava with the expression “E dua na bilo?” which means “Try a cup?”, understand that you are being received with warmth and respect.