The Yasawa Islands are situated in northwest Fiji and are one of the trendiest areas in the country, particularly for cheap Fiji vacations. About 30 resorts are stretched through the 12 main islands in the group. Numerous resorts present basic accommodation, including meals, and have access to cultural and natural sites. It is the leading backpacker destination in Fiji, also, owing to the cheap Fiji vacations. If you are on a limited financial plan, then tour the Yasawas! Most of the backpacker resorts are operated and owned by locals and are built on traditional village land. Accommodation characteristically consists of one or two thatch (bures) bungalows with integral bathrooms, several private bungalows with communal showers and a couple of dorm style quarters sleeping around eight individuals.

Cheap Fiji VacationsBackpacking in the Yasawa Islands

Snorkeling is superb directly off the beaches in all of the Yasawa Islands, though at times the most beautiful spots are on outer reefs reached by short boat outings. Hiking trails exist right through the hills presenting excellent coastal views over the lagoons. Yasawa Islands are where the young at heart come to visit, to island hop, to know the real Fiji. Indeed, what they see, are some of Fiji’s most gorgeous beaches, Fiji beer and a type of hit and miss Fijian kindness –which is very significant. With the exception of the beaches, there is outstanding snorkeling, various beautiful fishing villages to see the sights, a strange cave to visit, hills to ascend, and other interesting activities. This is where travelers meet, exchange tales, make buddies, create relationships and top up their chocolate. It is an exclusive experience to backpack in the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. Yasawa Island tour is much like an economical planned hop on, hop off visit. Everything is taken care of for you – all you require to do is select the island you would like to stopover for cheap Fiji vacations.

Traveling around Yasawa Islands with Turtle Airways

A Trip to Fiji Yasawa IslandsThe Yasawa Islands are a destination where the soul is touched, by the primal freedom of nature, the people and the wildlife. If you need acceptance, the bigheartedness and modest nature of the Fijians will embrace you. The best means to get around when staying in Yasawa is by use of a seaplane as opposed to a boat. Turtle Airways provides multiple flights in the Yasawa Island Chain every day from day trips to low flying scenic flights and simple transfers between resorts. Turtle Airways offers the precise plane for you.

Nadi and the surrounding areas

Nearly all backpackers spend up their first and second day hanging around Nadi before heading off to other regions in Fiji. Nadi is abode to the international airport and the obvious place to begin your tour with a plethora of very reasonably priced accommodation, lots of excursions and tours on proffer and other backpackers to meet up who can share their own holiday experiences in Fiji.

For the best transfers from Nadi to any of the resorts in Yasawa or Mamanuca,contact Turtle Airways. With multiple flights per day, and most flights to Yasawa only taking 30 minutes, it is worth it to take to the air with Turtle Airways.