Are you looking for the Perfect Fiji Resort? Fiji is called the soft coral capital of the world. It has the beautiful astrolabe reef that surrounds its 333 islands. The adventure spirit in this island is not only great, but it will imprint in your mind for decades. From visiting the exotic private islands onboard a seaplane, experiencing the charming nature of the locals, checking out the romantic Bures to tasting the super fresh seafood, Fiji is a great destination.
But once you are here, which is the best mode of transport from one tourist attraction to another? Sample Fiji’s scenic beauty from above by using a seaplane for all your local commute to and from the following resorts.

Turtle Island Fiji

the Perfect Fiji resortAre you a fan of food? This is the perfect Fiji Resort for you. This five-star resort sources its food from the 5-acre land they own. The garden is open for visitors who need the local garden experience. What would make a memorable moment than flying over the garden in a seaplane taking pictures of the food ingredients which will be served to you in the evening? This is only the beginning. There is an excellent dining experience that is available with the garden parties in different parts of the island each night. There is also a champagne breakfast for you to enjoy.
There are 14 spacious villas that visitors can occupy. These villas are stocked with fresh drinks, fruits, and vegetables.

Nanuya Island Resort

Food is a crucial part of the experience that the staff at Nanuya Island Resort provide. All the ingredients used to make their food is fresh and comes straight from their plantation. Unlike most of the other resorts on the island where guests have the option of choosing their palette and budget. You also get to experience the culture of the Fiji people through ceremonies like Kava. The resort has four appointed Bures that can accommodate two to four people.

Paradise Cove Resort

The first thing you will notice about this place is the number of details they have invested in their plates. There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to food. You will enjoy both international and Fijian fusions. You will also love the cooking lessons they offer and the handline fishing.

Navutu Stars Resort

This is an adult-only resort that offers luxury dining and the most stunning island scenery around. You have the option to choose la carte dining or a meal package. They also have a wide range of vegan menu if you would love to try that.
You can also enjoy a private dinner under the stars in a romantic setting. There is also the beach picnic along the shores onboard a seaplane. Remember to carry along your camera for stunning marine environment photos to keep the memory alive when you are back home. This is a fantastic place to be with family, alone on a business trip or together with friends.

What is Your Perfect Fiji Resort?

There are numerous places to stay when you are in Fiji. You will enjoy the numerous fun places you will visit and will have a great place to relax in the evening. The best part is that all these resorts are accessible using a seaplane, which gives travelers a breathtaking aerial view of Fiji Island’s scenic beauty. A visit to this island will make treasured memories to be shared with your grandchildren.