A lot of people think a vacation to Fiji is only for the rich. Exotic island resorts, amazing beaches, vibrant coral reef‘s. However, the frugal traveler heads to the Yasawa Islands in Fiji for the best value, and most amazing vacation.

It’s The Resorts

The Frugal Traveler Loves the Yasawa IslandsThe Yasawa Islands have been closed to land based tourism until 1987.  Even now, the majority of the resorts that dot these majestic islands that sit about 50 miles to the northwest of Fiji’s big island (Viti Levu), are owned and operated by local villages. These villages (which are usually close by the resorts) have a keen interest in keeping the resorts small, and sustainable. Most of these resorts are comprised of cottages or villas, and many have dorm style accommodations as well. What you won’t find in the Yasawa island chain is towering skyscrapers. These resorts are wholesome, pure, authentic, and environmentally friendly. They are also perfect for the frugal traveler as dorm style accommodations can go for around $35 per night.

In reality, even the luxury all inclusive resorts may be right for a frugal traveler as once you arrive at those resorts, you need not worry about money again until you leave. Everything from food and beverages, to horse and boat rentals are included in your vacation package. These high end resorts may seem expensive, but if you plan on pampering yourself and indulging in everything the Yasawa Islands have to offer, these all inclusive resorts may be a better bargain.

Getting There

There are many ways to get to the Yasawa islands. The cheapest is to take a boat from Nadi. The boat leaves Nadi every morning, and returns to Nadi every early evening. Of course, the frugal traveler isn’t looking for the cheapest, they are looking for the best value for their money, and the boat is not that. You see, unless your flight in arrives before 7:00 AM, and your flight out leaves after 7:00 PM, you can expect to stay a couple extra days in Nadi. And really, who wants to fly to Fiji only to spend the night in a hotel in the city before starting their vacation? Or worse yet, who wants to pack up from their vacation, only to have to spend the next night in a hotel by the airport before they can go home?

Frugal Travelers Make The Most Of Their HolidayThe frugal traveler gets the most vacation for their money by choosing Turtle Airways for their resort transfer. Turtle Airways has multiple flights per day to resorts throughout the Yasawa island chain. Our low flying scenic flights leave all throughout the day, and only take about 35 minutes. In many cases, we land you directly on the beach of your resort so you can start your vacation immediately.

The Frugal Traveler Books in Advance

Here is a general travel related tip for all the frugal travelers out there: The closer you book to the date you need, the more expensive it is. I am honestly not sure why this is, and I always thought people just understood this, but you have no idea how many people I know that put off booking trips until the last minute, then complain about the price. The frugal traveler knows: book about 54 days in advance and save money.

So when you are booking your vacation to Fiji’s incredible Yasawa Islands, don’t forget to give Turtle Airways a call, and book a resort transfer with us. It will save you time, and money. That makes any frugal traveler happy.