Fiji’s main act is it’s clean beaches, clear lagoons, and unique plant and wildlife. Many of Fiji’s people and ecosystems revolves around water. The Great Astrolabe Reef is the world’s 4th largest barrier reef that curls around the Fiji Islands. Snorkelers have assess to the unique fish that make the reefs their home. There are certain parts of the reef that has been hardly touched by humans. You can find green turtles and spinner dolphins. The blue Lagoon, popularized by the young Brooke Shields, was filmed in a series of Fiji Islands. The Turtle Island in Yasawas is heralded as harboring one of the best beaches in Fiji. You may be wondering, How Do I get Around in the Fiji Islands? To really appreciate all the wonders offered by Fiji, it’s recommended that you use a seaplane or a float plane. A seaplane will allow access to all of the Fijian Islands. Take  ecotourism by the horns with a seaplane or float plane.

Sigatoka Dunes:

The Sigatoka dunes are a prehistoric site that allows you to glimpse into Fiji’s pasts. Located at the mouth of the Sigatoka River, the Sigatoka Dunes is the product of thousands of years of erosion. In close proximity, you can find pieces of pottery, ancient tools, and other archaeological relics in these 60 meter tall sand dunes. While up in the air, you can see the intricate beauty that the sand dunes give to the coastline. On a seaplane, you can see how the lush green fauna bleeds into the brown sand dunes. The frothy waves can be seen pelting the dunes.

Fijian Jungles: 

While up in the air, you can see how the Fijian jungles cover most of the landscape. Ecotourism is taken seriously by the Fijian government. Steps have been made to preserve the fragile ecosystem inside of these Fijian jungles. These jungles cover the lagoons, coastlines, and even the tops of Fijian mountains. One of the unique features of these jungles is the fog. The cloud forests of Fiji gives parts of the island an ethereal feel. Also called fog forests, cloud forests are characterized by their rich mosses, truly making the island seem like it is covered in green from up above.

Island Hopping:

flights to castaway islandFiji consists of more than 320 Islands. Just a small portion of them – 106 – are actively inhabited by humans. There are more than 500 smaller islets. While on a seaplane, you’ll be able to fly away from Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, the main islands where most of the ecotourism takes place. While on a float plane, you can easily fly by these smaller islands and park your plane along the coastline. You can enjoy your unique adventures that cannot be duplicated. Float planes and seaplanes allows you access to the hidden wonders of Fiji.

The Barrier Reef From Up Above:

While on a seaplane, you can see the underwater barrier reefs. The barrier reefs encompasses the perimeter of many Fijian islands. In some parts of the islands, you can see the luminescence of barrier reefs, then darker water. This darker water is the deep-sea.

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