Turtle-Airways-Seaplane-BeachSummer vacation is a time we all look forward to. Winter vacation is nice, but it usually involves spending time in some cold place with family. Summer vacation is all about getting away from everything, and heading to the beach.

Summer vacation means getting away from work, getting away from stress, and getting away from all of life’s troubles. Summer vacation is about getting away.

Getting away in Fiji is easy. For starters, Fiji is in the middle of the South Pacific. You can’t get much further away then that. Fiji is made up of over 300 islands and 500 islets. So you can always find a nice, private place to get away to.

If you are looking for a true escape in Fiji, you need to move past the large islands, and head out to the smaller island chains. The Yasawa Island Chain, in the north western section of Fiji, is the place to be if you like natural, south pacific island oasis’s. The Yasawa Islands were off limits to ground based tourism up until 1987. This has allowed the Yasawa Islands to remain relatively free of the urbanization that is common in most tourist destinations. There are no strip malls or fast food joints out here. Made up of about 20 volcanic islands, and numerous other smaller islets, the Yasawa Islands have a wide variety of landscapes to enjoy. There are also amazing lagoons and unbelievable soft coral reefs all around the island chain making it a true water lovers paradise.

First sighted by westerners in 1789, the Yasawa Islands were not charted until 1840. Many of the islands look the same today as they did when the first Europeaners stopped here over 200 years ago! If you really want to get a feel for what the South Pacific was like before modern influences, this is the place to visit.

private-beaches-of-fijis-yasawa-islandsDotted with small resorts, and local villages, there is something for everyone in the Yasawa Island Chain. Many of the resorts in Yasawa only accommodate a small number of guests allowing for maximum privacy during your stay.

If you are looking for the ultimate private beach escape while in the Yasawa Islands, contact Turtle Airways for a private beach day trip! Turtle Airways can pick you up from the beach of your resort, and fly you away to an uninhabited island where you can spend the afternoon on a truly secluded private beach.

Turtle Airways also offers resort transfers to get you from the international airport in Nadi to any of the resorts in the Yasawa or Mamanuca Islands. Turtle Airways seaplane flights are far faster then taking the boat, and have much better views. Speaking of views, you can also book a scenic tour with Turtle Airways.

If you want to make the most of your vacation to the private beaches of Fiji’s Yasawa Islands, then you need to contact Turtle Airways and let them help with the accommodations!