what to pack for your trip to fijiSummer is the time to head to the beach. Sun and sand and salt water makes any summertime activity better. If you want a truly awesome summer time vacation you need to head off to a tropical island. And if you want the ultimate tropical island getaway, then head to the south pacific and visit Fiji!

As we all know, you can’t drive to a south pacific island, and most of us do not have long enough vacations to take a cruise there. So that leaves us with air travel. (which really is the best way to get anywhere in our opinion). But with airline restrictions on carry on sizes, and checked baggage weight limits, it is sometimes difficult to determine what to pack for your trip to Fiji, and what to leave behind. Here, we present to you a list of some things we think you should definitely pack for your trip to Fiji, and a few things you should leave behind.


You wouldn’t go to the beach without swimwear would you? At most resorts in Fiji the beach is mere steps away from your lodging. You should really bring several different swimsuits because swimwear is acceptable resort wear for almost any activity. You just don’t want to be caught without a dry swimsuit. It would be a good idea to have at least one swimsuit that is what people would call modest. I mean, if string bikini’s or speedo’s are your thing, then by all means, bring those as well, but if you go visit a traditional Fijian village (and we recommend you do), you are expected to dress a bit more modestly, so men, switch out those speedo’s for some knee length Bahama shorts, and ladies, throw on the one piece with a sarong. A t-shirt, or more appropriately, a button up floral shirt will also be good for village visits and to keep your shoulders out of the sun. While we are at it, bring some sandals. The sand gets hot. Or, if your resort has rockier beaches, you may want water shoes. If you do plan on doing a lot of snorkeling, you might want to bring your own mask or googles. Most resorts can supply them, but loaners tend to be scratched and might not fit right.


amazing sights on your trip to fijiSwimsuit and camera… I think that is all you really need. But seriously, pics or it didn’t happen, right? If you are going to Fiji, you need to bring a camera. Everything about Fiji is beautiful and photogenic. We recommend taking a low flying scenic flight either to your resort in the Yasawa or Mamanuca island chains, or if you aren’t staying there, just call Turtle Airways and book a tour. Seeing the islands from above is truly mesmerizing and something that you will want to cherish forever. And although nothing is as good as seeing it first hand, having photos and video is the next best thing. So bring a camera and make your friends back home jealous. If you have a waterproof camera, bring that as well. (If you don’t, you can pick one up that also shoots HD video these days for a low price). Our crystal clear lagoons and soft coral reefs are teaming with life that begs to be photographed.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is expensive to buy in Fiji. And you will be using a lot of it. So if you can, bring it from home. Try to find sunscreen that is safe for reefs though. It would also be recommended to bring sunglasses and a hat (though you could wear those on the plane and save the luggage space for something else.) The last thing you want to deal with on a beach vacation is a sunburn. Protect your skin so you can enjoy being outdoors your whole trip.

Power Adapter

As a whole, Fiji uses Australia style plugs and 220 volt power. If you are coming from someplace that uses something different, you might want to bring adapters for your stuff. However, check with your resort first, because many resorts will supply power adapters.

What Not To bring

Fiji is a place to forget about your troubles. When you are in Fiji, you are halfway around the world from your day to day life. Leave it behind. Don’t brink your work or your troubles. Come to Fiji to enjoy yourselves, and leave your troubles back on the mainland.