Spring Break in FijiThe season of the new beginning is almost here, and the best way to spend the break is by revitalizing yourself. There is no better way to spend your spring break than enjoying yourself in the most picture perfect white sand beaches in the world. These beaches exist in Fiji’s, Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. Considering that Mamanuca Island has been featured in the survivor series and the classic Tom Hanks movie Cast Away, you definitely want to spend your spring break in Fiji. Yasawa is also an Island that you would not want to miss since it’s where the movie the Blue Lagoon of 1980 was shot.

The Islands have been able to maintain their aesthetic beauty. Whether you’re headed to these Islands to relax or explore the nature, you can experience the beauty of traveling by seaplanes using Turtle Airways. Seaplanes are faster and safer to use and can perfectly replace long boat rides in rough waters.

Yasawa Islands

This is the kind of destination you travel to when you want to go off-grid. You will not find any shops or banks in Yasawa Island; only the true Fijian experience. Yasawa group is made up of twenty Islands, and the place is popular for kayaking and snorkeling. You can explore the vast sea using a seaplane by Turtle Airways at a small fee. Also, Yasawa Islands are nothing short of accommodation for any kind of visitor. The best part is, if you are looking to party all your spring break in Fiji, resorts in the Islands got you covered.

Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands (also consisting of 20 Islands) open a whole new world for the adrenaline junkies searching for adventure. For surfers, this is where you find Fiji’s world-famous Cloud break wave. Skydiving is also an alternative. Mamanuca presents an opportunity for relaxation and exploration of the coral reef and even diving sites as its open for snorkelers. The chains are open to all groups of people; thus, you can fly by seaplane from one location to another conveniently with your family. Turtle Airways is a guaranteed secure option with a three-decade safety record.

Getting to Fiji’s Islands by seaplane is the most suitable and provides the ultimate experience than any other form of transport. It takes only thirty minutes to Yasawa Island from Nadi. It might take you only fifteen minutes to get to Mamanuca from Nadi International Airport. Seaplanes give you a fantastic view of the Island and the sea itself.

To enhance your spring break in Fiji, at Turtle Airways, we offer over the air day trips where you get to book a flight and enjoy the scenic Island sights from the air. Among the most spectacular views to see are the exotic rain forests, the beautiful mountainous terrain, and the sun-drenched Islands. The tours could take around 20 minutes or more on air, or we could customize the trip according to your liking. Whether you want to surf, explore caves or have a party at the beach, there’s no better place to spend your spring break than in Fiji.