Plantation Island Resort

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It was Shakespeare who said ‘my soul is in the sky’, a sentiment shared passionately by the staff at Turtle Airways who delight to see guests of Plantation Island Resort excitedly huddle closer to their windows as island green appears on the horizon. Upon arrival, a visitor’s first impulse might be to immediately don a swimming costume and leap into the inviting water of Plantation’s many pools or its striking blue lagoon (before even checking into accommodation!). The more adventurous might prefer to take a surfing expedition on the Lexmee Evening Star at high tide; with seven breaks to choose from, they’re spoiled for choice. Future American Open winners might enjoy honing their chipping techniques on an ideally vacation-sized 9-hole tropical golf course. Those wanting to have an up-close-and-personal encounter with nature can take advantage of Plantation Island’s safe sheltered waters and learn to scuba dive – keep an eye out for turtles, manta-rays, dolphins and many large fish species on the ocean side of the Mamanuca barrier reef.

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