We couldn’t help but notice how cold it is getting north. A polar vortex has been sending arctic temperatures down into the American Midwest. Temperatures are plummeting and the windshield is truly brutal. If you are suffering in this cold, you may be trying to figure out what you can do to warm up. We think a Fiji vacation is the perfect cure for the polar vortex.

It’s summertime in Fiji.

fiji vacation

Fiji is in the southern hemisphere. As a result, our seasons are the opposite of those north of the equator. It is currently summer in Fiji. So if you’re looking to stop building snowman, and start building Sandcastle‘s now is the time to head to Fiji. The average temperature in Fiji in January is 88°F. 

Isn’t it time to take a break from shoveling snow? Our warm beaches are inviting and clean. You can kayak or sale in our clear, calm lagoons or go snorkeling amongst our pristine soft coral. After all the water temperature in Fiji January is usually in the low 80s Fahrenheit.

Where to get away in Fiji

Fiji is home to over 300 islands and 500 islets. With that much choice, it may be hard to figure out the perfect place for your Fiji vacation. If you’re looking for that big resort while still having the benefits of a small tropical island, we suggest The Mamanuca islands. This small archipelago just to the west of Fiji’s big Island Viti Levu. Here you will find amazing resorts like smugglers cove, world-class surfing, famous like the ones used in filming the hit movie Castaway, and the television show survivor.

If you’re looking for smaller more private resort destinations, try heading north to the Yasawa islands. This chain of islands has only been open tourists for the past 30 years. The small, boutique resorts that dot the Yasawa islands are perfect for those looking for a more private escape to a tropical island paradise.

The resorts in Yasawa range from budget friendly “backpacker” resorts to ultra luxurious “All inclusive“ resorts. Whatever your idea of the perfect Fiji vacation is you can find it in the Yasawa island group.

Getting to Your Perfect Fiji Vacation

Getting to Fiji is a lot easier now than it was when the first visitors came to these tropical islands. The Nadi airport has flights from almost anywhere in the world. 

From Nadi, it is just a short seaplane flight with Turtle Airways to get to any resort destination you choose in the Yasawa or Mamanuca island. Our low flying, scenic flights can bring you right to the beach of your chosen resort, and carry you back to Nadi in time to meet your return flight home.