see more of Fiji with Turtle AirwaysFiji is a beautiful island that many people dream of taking a vacation to. However, they many not realize that there is one way that they can explore and see the most that this exotic island has to offer. While you can see much of the island by car, boat, or even on foot, you still are not able to be able to take in the full beauty of all that is Fiji. For this reason you must tour the island by another means of transportation that will leave nothing undiscovered to your eyes and imagination. That method is with a seaplane tour.

Why Visit Fiji?

Fiji is an exotic tropical paradise that can give you the island vacation that is different from other tropical places such as the Bahamas, Hawaii, or Tahiti. Fiji offers the best that the South Pacific has to offer including clear blue oceans, warm sandy beaches, luscious landscapes, icy tropical drinks, and fantastic activities for those who want a little bit of an adventure. Take advantage of some great surfing, exotic food, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, or just get an awesome tan. Fiji has everything that a traveler could want and much more. But what if you could take in the island all at once with a simple airplane ride?

How a Seaplane Tour Can Enhance Your Island Experience

see more of Fiji with a Seaplane TourA seaplane tour is more than just a little airplane ride. It is a travel experience. Imagine if you could see the entire in island in just a few short hours without ever having to set your feet on the ground? Well, you can with a seaplane tour. A seaplane covers both land and sea and lets you see every inch of what Fiji has to offer. From birds to fish to beaches you can see it all in a seaplane tour. This aeronautical experience will cover ever nook and cranny of the island and leave you craving for more. The best part is that someone all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. What more could you ask for? You could not take in this much scenery on a bike or on foot. Even buy jeep or car, there are some areas of the island that you will not be able to reach or find. This is why a seaplane tour is your best bet for exploring Fiji.

Make the Most of Your Vacation by Using Turtle Airways

Turtle Airways is Fiji’s leading seaplane tour company. We offer tourists a bird’s eye view of the island and let them see things that they could never imagine seeing on any other type of island tour. Our trained and skilled pilots will guide you and your guests on the sightseeing tour of a lifetime. We offer transfers from all of the fabulous resorts on Fiji. It’s easy to get our airport location from wherever you are located. We offer convenient hourly flights and very affordable rates. Enjoy our facilities while you wait including showers and free WiFi in our newly designed lounge. Do not hesitate about touring Fiji any other way. Why risk getting seasick when you can soar above the choppy waters in just a short amount of time. Book your seaplane tour with us now!