Are you tired of the cold weather in North America and Europe? Then traveling to Fiji may prove beneficial because it is located in the Southern Hemisphere, which is currently experiencing spring and summer. November is the best time for a Fiji holiday since temperatures are at a maximum level of about 29 degrees in the day and 21 degrees in the night. So, the best time to travel to Fiji in late October and early November. During this period, the cost of getting and staying at resorts has not yet reached its peak. The beaches are also not crowded because schools are yet to be closed.

Below are some the reasons why this is the best time to visit Fiji

The weather is warm for your Fiji Holiday

Best Time For A Fiji HolidayFiji is a tropical destination, meaning that it experiences a warm temperature throughout the year. Summer begins in November and ends in March. During this period, the average temperatures during the day and night are higher than during other times of the year. This weather is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and doing other fun activities on the many beautiful Fiji Islands. If you want to get warm for a while, then book a flight to Fiji now!

Snorkeling and swimming in the blue waters

Fiji has beautiful blue ocean waters. This South Pacific Ocean paradise offers you a golden opportunity to snorkel in blue waters and observe colorful fish and coral reefs. You will love the fantastic sea creatures that are found on this side of the world! You can also swim in the crystal clear waters near the resorts as you enjoy the summer sun.

Inspiring sandy beaches

Fiji beaches are known to be among the most pristine and beautiful in the world. These stretches of white sandy beaches from an aerial view in a seaplane leave a lasting impression in the hearts of tourists. Fiji has numerous beaches on the shorelines of its 300 islands.

Whether you are coming to Fiji on a romantic trip or a family vacation, these beaches will keep you comfortable and wish to extend your stay. Some of the famous Fiji beaches include Natadola, Liku, Koro Levu and Seagrass Bay.

Luxurious resorts

Turtle Airways flies to all the major resorts in Yasawa Islands. If you are worried about the services offered at Fiji resorts, then you will be surprised at the level of luxury you will experience. From lavish bungalows to traditional thatched bures that offer daybeds to while away in the afternoon, a separate living area with a minibar and an iPod docking station among many other things. These Fiji resorts redefine the meaning of comfort and lavishness. They are perfect for weddings and other beautiful anniversaries.

Visit the Sawa-i-lau Cave and explore other scenery on your Fiji Holiday

Enjoy your Fiji holidayThe Sawa-I-Lau cave is located on the Yasawa Islands is made of ancient limestone formations that have been carved by the consistent waves. It is a beautiful sight worth seeing when you are in Fiji. It also has a beautiful legend behind its name. You would be thrilled to listen to it as narrated by the residents.

You can also explore the gorgeous mountains and jungles within the numerous islands in Fiji during this summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Turtle Airways operates seaplanes to various island destinations within Fiji. We offer convenient and comfortable travel at affordable prices. Contact us today to book a flight to your favorite island. Traveling by a seaplane during your holiday in Fiji offers an aerial view of the picturesque landscape. Book your flight to Fiji today!