scenic fiji flight experiancesWhen you decide to take a vacation in the South Pacific Island Nation of Fiji, you will want to maximize the time you have enjoying your vacation. You will want to travel to the different islands found in Fiji, and experience the unique culture found no where else on earth. When you want to visit the different islands of Fiji, you will want to enjoy your travel. To make the journeys as enjoyable as possible, you should take advantage of Turtle Airways seaplanes.

Turtle Airways is Fiji’s safest seaplane and has been around for a long time. You can choose to take a trip to the different islands and explore less inhabited parts of Fiji, or you might want to go for an ariel sight-seeing tour with one of our scenic flights. Turtle Airways has got you covered with their seaplanes that will fly low to ensure you get the best views on your journey. You will enjoy the breathtaking sights while you are in the air as Fiji Flight Experiences comes your way. You will be able to view the clear waters found in the Fiji seas and lagoons. You might also be able to skim the waters, and you will find yourself at your destination sooner than you think.

Turtle Airways ensures that it only provides the best flight services to its clients. You will want to maximize on your stay at Fiji that is mostly limited. For this, you will need to find a fast way to get to different places. Turtle Airways has frequent flights to ensure that you do not stay for too long in Nadi. You will also have access to transport to facilitate same-day transfers. You will be able to get to your resort faster as the flight takes 15 minutes to reach the Mamanuca Islands, and 30 minutes to get to the Yasawa Islands.

fiji flight experiancesTurtle Airways offer scenic flights to its clients. You can take the scenic trip and fly over the islands where you will be able to see the exotic rain forests. You can also take a flying trip to the Yasawa Island group where you will be able to see their world-class beaches and mountain terrain from the air.

You can also choose to go on the Turtle Airways day trips where you will get a chance to view the tropical seascapes while on the air enjoying the excellent Fiji Flight Experiences. You can also spend the day going to the Blue Lagoon and try scuba diving and see up close what is in the Fiji waters.

Turtle Airways are located on Wailoaloa Beach that is a short distance from the Nadi International Airport. You do not need to worry about getting there as there are taxis located outside the airport, and you will not be charged expensively to get to the airport. The airport can also arrange to have a taxi pick you when you arrive at Nadi.

Turtle Airways have modern seaplanes, and you will not have to worry about getting seasick as the flights are short. Turtle Airways also have very friendly staff who will make you feel at home while they take care of your needs. They also have amazing Fiji Flight Experiences packages that you will want to look at.

When you are on vacation in Fiji, time is very important, and you want to make the most of it. Turtle Airways will give you memorable moments on air that you will live to cherish.