best yasawa island resort for your fiji vacationIf there is a place you need to be for your Fiji vacation is Yasawa Island. Fiji’s beautiful beaches and reefs make it irresistible and exclusively adventurous. The Yasawa Islands are the most scenic islands in Fiji. They are well known for their backpacking and flashbacking visitors. The villas are 2 to 3 star. The rooms are comfortable with soothing ocean sounds to provide restful sleep or a daytime nap. About 30 resorts are spread through the 12 major islands in the group.
The quickest ideal way to the Yasawa islands is by seaplane. The facility takes about10 passengers and takes 20 to 30 minutes. The prices to the resort are always negotiable, especially when travelling in groups. By air, it takes 30 minutes each way, with the available 0-6 flights in a day.

Turtle Airways is the longest serving and safest seaplane in Fiji. It will ensure that your experience in any of Yasawa Island resort is memorable and adventurous. Turtle Airways will ensure that you get safely to the resort of your choice. Yasawa Island offers some very classic and clean resorts which Turtle Airways services.You will always find Turtle Airways located on the Wailoaloa Beach, which is just 30 minutes away from Nadi International Airport while driving. Turtle Airways offers a shuttle service from Nadi to Turtle Seaplane base. Turtle Airways shuttle service will also return you to the International airport in Nadi after your vacation at any of these Yasawa Island resorts.

The resorts include:

best yasawa island resort for your fiji vacationWhy turtle airways?

  • Efficient time management makes Turtle Airways the best mode of transport to the Yasawa Island. Why so? It only takes 12-15 minutes from Nadi to Yasawa Island as opposed to boats that could take 3 hours of your time on travelling.
  • Breathtaking experience the odyssey up through the Yasawa is extraordinary. Availability of various channels and bays, make it accessible for tourist picking-up and dropping-offs as they move towards their next paradise vista. On the north, they stop to a view of the famous Blue Lagoon. Further, south the Flyer makes stopovers at all the islands again before arriving back at Denarau at 5:45 pm
  • Convenience and comfort, Turtle Airways offers 2-6 flights a day. This means you can stay or leave Yasawa Island Resorts at you on pleasure. Turtle Airways is the most comfortable airline to Yasawa Island Resorts. This is because you can never experience the discomfort of a rough sea. It also saves you the agony of seasickness. Seasickness is familiar with tourists who decide to use the boats as opposed to those who use seaplanes due to harsh and unfavorable sea condition.
  • High-tech facilities Turtle Airways has new high-tech facilities to make your experience comfortable. It has a renovated waiting lounge, bathroom, shower, free Wi-Fi among others.Turtle Airways offer the services as it enables one to experience tranquility in nature. In addition to ensuring the comfort of the passengers, the airlines ensure that customers get value for money hence the reason for its recommendation

Turtle Airways tops the list as the best sea plane sevice provider in Yasawa. Anytime you board a turtle airways seaplane you are set to make indelible memories. See you in Yasawa.