explore-Fiji-in-pacific-island-seaplanesTaking a vacation to a Pacific island is something that most people dream about their whole lives, but never actually get around to making it happen. It takes incredible dedication to find the free time in a busy schedule and to set aside the funds necessary to carry out your dream vacation. One thing’s for sure though, those that book an incredible trip to Fiji will never forget the experience and it will serve as a life long memory. The following are five reasons why you should book a pacific island seaplane and experience the majestic beauty of Fiji from the air.

  1. Seaplanes go to incredibly remote and beautiful places that other forms of transportation simply cannot accomplish. Yes, boats can take you around an island (although very slowly) but they cannot give you the visual experience that a seaplane can. Imagine flying above the incredible Fiji islands and witnessing the glory of the natural wonders that await below.
  2. Traveling by boat is slow and can leave you susceptible to getting seasick. Imagine setting this trip up for an entire lifetime and when you finally reach your destination you decide to boat around and you get sick, leaving you in bed for a few days. Pacific island seaplanes offer a way to experience and explore the entirety of the islands without the risk of getting seasick.
  3. By booking a seaplane, you can spend the day on your own private beach. For example, a small 30 minute seaplane flight can take you to the Yasawa Islands where you can bask in the sunshine and fall asleep on your very own white sand beach. This is an experience that only a seaplane can provide you.
  4. Booking a seaplane will allow you to access special hidden locations around the islands that offer beautiful natural surrounding that only can be accessed by a seaplane. The photography you will be able to capture of beautiful rain forests, tropical jungles, and exotic wildlife will serve as an incredible and lasting piece of memorabilia that you can take back home and show your loved ones and even use as fine art on your walls.
  5. It may seem rather silly, but flying in a seaplane is worth it just so you can say you’ve simply done it before. It’s incredibly exhilarating to take off and land on the water in a seaplane. It’s an experience like none other and you have to experience it first hand to be able to feel the rush of flying that close to a large body of water. Birds are the only other ones that can experience this feeling of gliding over land and sea with such proximity.

pacific island seaplane show you fijiWhen you finally put all the pieces in place to make your long awaited trip to the breathtaking Fiji islands, remember the convenience and beauty that booking a pacific island seaplane can afford you. It’s honestly a luxury and experience that you cannot afford to pass up, as it will add such a dimension of value to your overall adventure.