what-to-do-in-fijiA Stay in Fiji Means All Sorts of Adventures

Fiji is home to a breathtaking landscape as well as all sorts of accommodations for those who are interested in making the most of their time in the island country. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is home to countless experiences that someone staying there should not miss, with what can seem like numerous examples to be found on each one of the hundreds of islands that make up the island chain.

6 Things You Need to Experience While Staying in Fiji

Here are 6 things you need to experience while staying in Fiji, though please note that there are countless more just waiting to be encountered:

  • The Yasawa Islands are full of opportunities for snorkeling, which provides you with a chance to see a spectacular variety of marine life as well as the simple pleasure of swimming through crystal blue waters. A winning combination that makes it stand out even among other tropical countries.
  • If you choose to visit Fiji between May and October, you will have the chance to see enormous numbers of manta rays passing through a narrow passage, which is a must-see experience because said animals are one of the most unusual but nonetheless interesting species that can be found in the sea.
  • There are other ways to experience the sea that surrounds Fiji than snorkeling. For example, kayaking is available both on the Fijian islands and out on the sea, which provide plenty of fun and excitement while also serving as a way to reach otherwise inaccessible scenes of wonder.
  • For those who prefer being on land than being in the sea, they should consider hiking up onto one of the mountains that can be found throughout the Yasawa Islands, which will provide them with a spectacular view of their surroundings as well as the sun as it either rises from the east or sinks into the west.
  • Welcome ceremonies are common on some of the islands that make up the Fijian island chain, which makes them a great way to experience a little bit of Fijian culture. It should be noted that a common part of such ceremonies is the drinking of kava, which is a mildly narcotic beverage made using the crushed roots of a member of the pepper family.
  • Finally, it is worth mentioning Turtle Airways, which can help you get around the Fijian islands in the most efficient and effective manner possible while also providing you with a bird’s eye view of the Fijian landscape spread out before you. It is a sight like nothing else, meaning that it can make even the most familiar of landscapes into something new and exciting.

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