With Valentine fast approaching, what have you decided to surprise your partner with? A superb date in Fiji would be the most memorable experience for you and your partner. Fiji has amazing resorts in Yasawa and Mamanuca where if you decide to isolate yourselves from all people completely, you can have an experience that is one of a kind. These resorts offer world class facilities and are the ultimate romantic escape for you.

The resorts on Yasawa and Mamanuca are extraordinary romantic resorts which boast of offering an unforgettable Fijian holiday with a unique setting to celebrate your special occasions, to relax with friends or for your intimate romantic getaway. In Fiji, you are assured of a unique stay and movement from one island to another with the available and convenient seaplanes from Turtle Airways. The Yasawa and Mamanuca island resorts let you have an adventure with exciting and romantic experience of a seaplane.

In Fiji resorts, you are assured of an ultimate romantic getaway in your own Fiji paradise. In Yasawa and Mamanuca, you will be able to enjoy some of the most spectacular treats including:

A superb scenic flight over the Fiji Islands shores from one destination to another

Mamanuca resorts offers a cool environment at their shores where you can swim, explore and relax to enjoy the surrounding waters and islands.

You can enjoy amazing dinners, gourmet platters of fresh sea food, or anything else you want from world famous cuisines

During the day, you become graced with spectacular coastal scenery in the Yasawa islands and the surfers’ paradise

If you want a romantic vacation filled with much fun, in a cool environment and where you would want spa services, Yasawa Resorts have amazing Spas and are the best destination for you. They are located in the remote and untouched islands with a warm climate making it ideal for swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling. It is a superb south pacific paradise located a short seaplane flight from Nadi International Airport. The best thing is that you will have an advantage of being flown by a seaplane to Yasawa Resort. In addition to these, you will be served with sea foods and cellar wine which are their specialty. More so, in Yasawa resorts you and your partner will be able to get some of the best relaxing spa treatments.

The Mamanuca islands are known for some of the best accommodations in Fiji. This is especially important for couples who need less drama and a quiet romantic vacation. What can Mamanuca resorts offer you? Mamanuca resorts add to the appeal of tropical with their luscious tropical vegetation. A sea plane flight over the vast vegetation creates memorable moments and experiences. Whether you enjoy snorkeling in warm tropical waters and watching the spectacular sunset, Mamanuca offers you the best. Mamanucas resort’s tropical feeling will leave you and your partner with feelings of re-invigoration, reconnection and make you fall in love with each other all over again. Here, there is no more to ask for in your romantic vacation.

Fiji offers every sort of experience. From the spectacular resorts and spa, bird watching, scuba diving, swimming and traditional kinds of seafood. Furthermore, the quiet beauty of the sceneries, luxurious accommodation, and the best seaplane flights makes Fiji a romantic vacation destination.