Here we are, facing a new year and a whole new world of possibilities. Many cultures have a tradition of making a New Years Resolution. Common New Years Resolutions include losing weight, getting healthier, traveling more, getting in touch with nature and making more time for your loved ones. We think Fiji is a great place for all of those!

Getting Healthy on Fiji's beaches as part of your New Years ResolutionLosing Weight and Getting Healthy

We all tend to add on a few pounds over the holiday season, so it is no wonder loosing weight is a top New Years Resolution. For many people getting healthy is a part of losing weight, and all though that may be so, there are other aspects to getting healthy that have nothing to do with your weight. However, a trip to Fiji can help with both getting healthy and losing weight. Many medical professionals have noted the health benefits of being at the beach. For weight loss, there is the amazing low impact cardio of swimming as well as the leg workout you get from walking on soft sand. (The shifting sands force your body to use extra muscles to maintain balance). For other health benefits, the sand works as an exfoliant giving you beautiful, healthy skin, and the iodine in the salt water has antibacterial properties that cleans pores and help you breathe better. And let’s not forget all that amazing vitamin D you get from the sun!

Traveling More, and Getting in Touch with Nature

There is no better place to travel to if you want to get in touch with nature then Fiji’s Yasawa Island Chain. The government in Fiji kept the Yasawa islands closed to land based tourism until the 1980’s. As a result, there is very little build up on the islands. You won’t find any strip malls or fast food places here! Just beautiful, natural rainforests, stunning volcanic peaks, crystal clear lagoons, and dozens of small islands dotted with villages and the occasional small resort. Yasawa is a perfect fit for any traveler having resorts that range the gamut of pricing and having accommodations that range from luxurious private villas to dorm style communal buildings.

Making More Time For Your Loved Ones

As far as a News Years Resolution goes, this is our favorite! Life is short, and all to often we become to busy dealing with inconsequential drama to take the time to truly appreciate the company of those we love. A trip to Fiji can fix that! Isolating yourself from the outside world with just the company of your loved ones is an amazing way reset your mind and get back to what is important. Many of the resorts in Fiji’s Yasawa islands have small bungalows that a perfect for a romantic vacation for 2. Whether you are looking to pop the question, rekindle a romance or just say “babe, I love you”, no place on earth is more beautiful, or more romantic then the islands of the south pacific.

So make Fiji a part of your New Years Resolution this year and book a trip to the Yasawa Islands. Turtle Airways has flights from Nadi to Yasawa multiple times per day, and our low flying scenic flights will usually bring you right to the beach of your resort in about 30 minutes. Turtle Airways also offers day trips and custom charters, so let us know how we can make your trip to Fiji more enjoyable.

Make 2017 a great year with a trip to Fiji!