A wedding is one of the most beautiful life events that only last a day. In my young years, I always fantasized a wedding venue in a surrounding like what I used to see in movies, and that is what I thought I had gotten until I discovered Yasawa islands. I just can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful and ambient environment of this spectacular island that is second to none during my wedding anniversary in a weeks’ time. The name Yasawa islands have since found a way of escaping my tongue whenever I want to describe beauty in nature.

get married in the Yassawa islands

Fiji is an amazing country with lots of spectacular features with the leading being Yasawa Island. Yasawa islands are the destination for newlyweds or those planning to get married. Fijians are known to be culturally-diverse people and very welcoming. They have tasty traditional foods that will leave you licking your elbows. At Yasawa islands, you also get an opportunity to interact with people from all over the world including couples like you. Below are the top five reasons as to why you should get married in Yasawa:

1. Enjoy the White Sand Beaches

Yasawa Islands have white sand beaches that are kept clean throughout the year. They are best for beach weddings because of the fresh sea breeze and the breathtaking site perfect for the ceremony. Besides, they can go and sand bath after the wedding. The beaches are immaculate and have an excellent background for outstanding wedding photo-shoots.

2. Fly with Turtle Airways Seaplane

Turtle Airways has been in the seaplane business for quite some time thus know the places that are exciting to newlyweds. Flying with Turtle Airways seaplanes gives you an opportunity to have an aerial view of the clear blue waters that surround Yasawa Islands. It is a fantastic experience that will spice up your wedding and excite your guests. Carry along your camera to record these memorable moments.

3. Get a Break from Civilization

Sometimes you want a quiet wedding away from civilization. Yasawa islands give you the chance to wed the love of your life in peace as you meditate on your courtship journey. It is the ideal place to break away from the busy and serious city environment.

4. Enjoy Fijian Food

Fijian food is mainly made up of fish, vegetables, and fruits. Their typical meals are prepared with little or no additives hence are healthy for you and your visitors.

5. Affordable Backpacker Deals

Yasawa has various backpacker resorts that you’ll find convenient especially for accommodation. They also have flexible rates that favor you if you are wedding on a tight budget. Most of these backpacker resorts also have an all-inclusive package that will go a long way in helping you have a good saving. Earlier booking guarantee a space and multiple discounts by the backpacker resorts management.

Plan your wedding to Yasawa Islands in Fiji now for memorable moments that you will treasure for a lifetime. You now have all the reasons to say yes in Yasawa islands!