At the heart of the pacific, lies Fiji that has variety of islands like the Yasawa Island. People look for greater adventures and amenities while looking for a recreational activity. Others look for relaxation and beaches only. Nonetheless, no matter the reason, Yasawa Island is the perfect destination to spend time on.

Why Do People Prefer Less Crowded Resorts in Yasawa?

Many people are of the view that less crowded resorts are more exciting than the main islands because of probably these reasons.

Rich Culture

Yasawa has a rich culture. The biggest part of the Fijian culture is richer in the smaller islands. The food, way of living of the people and the activities carried out by the people both economically and socially. In addition, these islands are more peaceful and they are compared to heaven with all the natural surroundings. You can feel the echoes and the breaking of the oceans on the beaches.

The Smaller resorts are Less Crowded

perfect summer-escape

Seasons between November to May, the Fijian merchants reduce their prices and offer discounts to the tourists. The lower season will cost you much less than during the peak season, either on saving on the accommodation or spending money for a lavish night. The guided tours, day trips and scuba diving are affordable. When choosing the best time to travel to Fiji, look at the lower season.

For this reason, you are much likely to begin your saving journey upon arriving in Fiji. Less crowded areas are mainly known for being cheap and much affordable. The mode of transportation also matters on whether you will save much. The main transportation modes are using a boat or sea planes but sea planes are much favorable.

Get Around Fiji in a Seaplane

One of the most convenient ways of travelling around Yasawa in Fiji is by using a seaplane. Majority of people travel to the common islands whereas there are other smaller islands within, with very enticing sites but least explored. The means of transport could be the issue with many people. Boats can be used but to fully explore the fun bit of exploring, a sea plane is more favorable.

How Can You Choose the Right Seaplane Operators?

Using boats is an alternative and a straightforward solution when looking for an unforgettable lifetime experience of the Fijian Islands as indicated on the maps. Before considering this mode of transportation, there are factors you should consider.


Since you have travelled to Yasawa for vacation, consider a means of transport that is favorable with your schedule, as you explore Yasawa secluded beaches. For instance, when visiting The Turtle Airways’ home, it is a short distance from Nadi airport. This means that it is possible to juggle between your destination immediately after your trip.

Variety of Travel Plans

Choose to travel with an airway that supports different ranges of traveling plans. As a tourist, a flight should offer a plan that is flying to more than 2 islands hourly. This results in planning for a travel without wasting time.

Interesting Scenic Destination

For an amazing touring experience, choose a seaplane operator that chooses your scenic routes better for a better exploring of the Fijian experience. Even if you had booked for a destination, have fun and travel to other places, by booking with a good travel agency.


Generally, a trip to Yasawa is worth sparing time and spending on for a perfect summer escape. Consider all the factors that may hinder you from having the best relaxation, perfect experience of Yasawa and exploring the Fijian people way activities. Your choice of how to behave in Fiji largely depends on your budget. Plan wisely since your budget will dictate your holiday.