A Vacation to Fiji Showcases Our Natural beauty

You will undoubtedly be perplexed by the natural beauty of the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. From stunning waterfalls and clear waters to vibrant sea life and long stretches of sandy beaches, there’s so much to take in during your vacation to Fiji. In particular, the islands are covered in magical tropical rain forests. A short walk across the island will take you past hidden waterfalls that have very breath-taking sceneries.

If you want some fun basking in the sun, the Yasawa is famous for being one of the best beaches in Fiji. It’s effortless to access islands by using the turtle airways as compared to boats, imagine yourself after just a short distance catching some of Fiji’s breath-taking views from the sky, where you can clearly see a radiant coral beneath enriched by the color and sea-life that call it home.

The Culture

Vacation to FijiAs you fly over this natural wonder, you soon discover the picturesque islands that scatter the crystal clear waters of the Fijian seas

One of the most exciting experiences about taking a vacation to Fiji is the inhabitants. Fijians are the happiest people in the whole world, so make sure you say “bula”(greetings) to some locals while you are visiting any part of those islands you might be fortunate as they might even show you around. From cultural performances to fire-walking and cultural ceremonies, there’s so much to involve yourself on.

The food

What’s really on vacation without a little indulgence? Fiji boasts of two very delicious dishes, indigenous Fijian, which is packed full of seafood and is which has just a little spice and great for kids, and Fijian Indian, which features plenty of rice and chilled spice , for those with adventurous taste buds. When you are visiting Yasawa, Mamanuca, and Likuliku islands, remember to taste a Fijian fish marinated in lemon juice and coconut milk. Very delicious!

Fresh fruit like pineapple, mangoes, and pawpaws are also in plenty in this tropical paradise. If you are a fan of fresh juice made from very natural fruits, the this is the place to be, and you will definitely enjoy your stay during your vacation

World-class surfing

Fiji HolidayThe Mamanuca Islands are a favorite destination for surfers all over the world. Namotu Island is just a short distance from Cloud break, famously known as one of the best waves in the world. In addition to Cloud break, advanced surfers also love the wave known as Restaurants, located near Tavarua Island.

While Cloud break and Restaurants aren’t ideal for beginners, Mamanuca’s waters cater to all skill sets. There are also nice swimming pools for starter surfers, while more experienced surfers will find challenges at Wilkes Passage, northwest of Namotu.

Stay Over water on your Vacation to Fiji

Most accommodations in Fiji thatched-roof huts and there are a few of over water options. Located on Malolo, the Likuliku resort has private over water thatched-roof shelters highlighted by king-size beds, private decks, and bathtubs that offer views of the lagoon