They say traveling is the next frontier for the 21st-century person. Everyone wants to have a test of heaven on earth. A holiday in Fiji is an exquisite splendor for the modern human. Fiji holiday is a vacation from reality, civilization, and every other stressful phenomenon people experience in day-to-day living.

Fiji VacationImagine having a magical experience. Fiji, in itself, is a paradise. Using seaplane to travel within Fiji’s magnificent islands only extenuates the travel phenomena. The master provider of the seaplane services, especially when traveling from the mainland Nadi to the best and magnificent resorts in the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, is Turtle Airways. Turtle Airways is a renowned seaplane transfer agency operating the numerous famous routes of travel destination from Nadi to the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands.

Vacation in Fiji is not a holiday without the experience of the out of the world destination resorts serviced by Turtle Airway along the shores of the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands. The resorts serviced by Turtle Airways seaplanes are the best in the region and possibly in the world.

How do you get to your Fiji Holiday

If you are an international tourist and you have decided to visit the Fiji Yasawa and Mamanuca chain of island, you will book a flight to the Nadi airport. From Nadi airport, there are readily available taxis that operate on a 24/7 basis. The drive to the Turtle airways base takes 15 to 20 minutes, and it is very affordable. The Turtle base has state of the art facilities with excellent lounge near the beach to give you a test of what to come.

Convenience of using a seaplane

The best Fiji holidaySeaplane flights by Turtle airways provide the best scenic transfers to the resorts of choice on Yasawa and Mamanuca chain of islands. Using seaplane as a means of getting to the resorts provides the visitors with the opportunity to have an aerial view of the islands, their beautiful beaches, and protected natural environment. The flights take approximately 15 minutes to reach the resort of choice. When one takes a boat, it takes 3 hours to move from the Nadi shore to the island of choice.

In terms of convenience, the flight of seaplane operated by Turtle airway function at the leisure of the visitor. There are 2 – 6 flights daily from Turtle airways base to the Yasawa and Mamanuca chain of islands and back. Boats operate only three times a day, considering the time they take. Turtle seaplanes are the better options compared to the competitors who make an average of two flights per day.

Turtle seaplanes provide an experience beyond the wildest imagination, thereby cementing the promise of the Fiji holiday experience. Imagine taking a flight through an ocean of wonder, splendor, and natural sceneries. One gets to experience the double pleasure of flying close to the sea but not actually on the ocean. On the flight to the Yasawa and Mamanuca chain of islands resorts, you see the sea marvels, dolphins, and magical beaches. Seaplane experiences are the mixture of classic travel in a modern world in a natural and out of the world region.

Fiji holiday is unplugged life experience through seaplane travel with reputable Turtle Airways to majestic glory of the resort on Yasawa and Mamanuca chain of islands with culture and hospitality only found in our wildest dreams.