Life in most of the world is actually very similar, despite how much we want to pretend we are different.  We all get stressed out at work, and we all need a vacation.  But life in Fiji is different.    You may have heard the term “island time”, well Fiji time is definitely a real thing.  As the Fijians say “no hurry, no worries”.  Things happen when they happen in Fiji, and if you can embrace it, you will have a much better time.

“He” is Gender Neutral

You hear a lot these days about gender neutral pronouns.  Well there is no gender specific pronouns in Fijian.  As a result, Fijians will often use “he” or “she” interchangeability and call men “she” or women “he”.  In addition, Fijians will sometimes add an “n” or “m” in words that don’t have them.  For example, The city Nadi (where you will likely fly into) is usually pronounced “Nandi”, Toberua is pronounced ”Tom-barua”.  

finding the best Fiji resortsYou Will Say Bula A Lot

Bula (pronounced Boo-lah) is the Fijian national greeting.  The literal translation of Bula is “life”, but Fijians use it for everything from hello to goodbye to welcome, to love and even more.  They even say it when someone sneezes.  You will hear Bula a lot, and you should say it a lot and say it with gusto.  Say it when you return home as well, everyone feels better after they are told Bula!

Everyone Is Happy in Fiji

The Fijian people have been voted the happiest people in the world on many occasions.  It is easy to see why. Fiji is the quintessential South Pacific Island Paradise.  With over 300 islands and 500 islets, there are plenty of beaches, sunshine and fun.  Scientists have found that the sound of the waves subconsciously reminds people of their mothers heartbeat from the womb, ionized air from the Seabreeze increases mood, and vitamin D from the sun aids in melatonin production that also helps your mood.  So it is no wonder that Fijians are happy, and when you spend some time in Fiji, you will be happy too!

Bring Suntan Lotion

When you come to Fiji, you will be spending lots of time in the sun.  Unfortunately, prices for things like suntan oil can be a bit higher then they are on the mainland.  Therefore, you might want to bring them with you.  

Although it is temping to only bring swim suits and beach wear when you come to Fiji, it is also a good idea to bring something more conservative.  If you decide to visit a Fijian village, you should present a gift of Kava root, and dress with your shoulders and knees covered.  You should also remove hats and sunglasses when in a Fijian village.  When partaking in a traditional Fijian kava ceremony, you sit on the ground.  When receiving Kava, you clap once with a cupped hand, drink it in one gulp, and then clap three times.  To be honest, Kava tastes a bit like dirty dish water, but it leaves a mild tingly sensation in the mouth, and should be tried during your visit.  

Fiji Deserves To Be Seen From The Air

when taking a trip to Fiji, see it from the airAs I mentioned, There are 300 islands (only 110 are permanently inhabited) and over 500 islets in Fiji. The full Fiji Archipelago encompasses over 7,000 square miles of Pacific Ocean.  If you want to make the most of your trip to Fiji, take a low flying scenic flight through the islands.  

If you choose to stay at one of the resorts on the Yasawa or Mamanuca Islands, Turtle Airways offers flights from Nadi to most of those resorts.  These flights not only give you the opportunity to experience Fiji from the air, they are also real time savers.  A boat transfer from Nadi to Yasawa can take 5 hours, and the boat only makes 1 trip per day.  Turtle Airways flight typically take about 30 minutes, and there are multiple flights per day.  

So come to Fiji, enjoy Fiji time, and Take a rest on the beach.  Bula!