For most people, a Fiji Holiday is a dream vacation. If you like the beach (and who doesn’t) then what could be better then a south pacific tropical paradise? Slipping away from the crowds and heading out to the resorts in Fiji’s Yasawa Island chain or Mamanuca island chain give you an experience of a lifetime by allowing you to visit small islands in their natural state.

A Fiji Holiday is Good For Your Body and SoulHealth Benefits Of Ocean Air

Just the mention of an ocean breeze reminds me of the smells of the sea, and the taste of salt. Speaking of salt, did you know that the sea salt in the air of an ocean breeze can actually help dry up congestion and promote healthy lung function? In addition to the health benefits of the salt in the air, ocean air is also ionized. These healthy negative ions in the air speed up our ability to absorb oxygen. In addition, these negative ions also balance levels of serotonin in the brain. This helps you feel better and sleep better.

A Walk On The Beach Is Beneficial In Many Ways 

Most people will tell you that a walk is good for you, but a walk on the beach is even better. Walking bare foot on soft sand forces you to use muscles that you don’t normally use walking on hard surfaces. This gives you a much better work out for what seems like the same amount of effort. 

In addition, beach sand is a great exfoliant. And not just the sand you walk on. The sand in the breeze, and the sand swirling around in the water (if you go swimming… but that is the next paragraph). 

Another benefit you get from walking on the beach (or doing anything else on the beach) is Vitamin D! Vitamin D is found in very few foods, but It is produced within our bodies when sunlight strike the skin and triggers vitamin D synthesis.  Vitamin D is needed for a strong immune system, and getting enough can help you stay healthy.

Swimming on a Fiji HolidaySwimming Is Even Better Exercise

We all know how great swimming is as an exercise. It is low impact, protecting joints and sore spots, it uses muscle groups not usually used on land, and it is aerobic as well as resistance. As I mentioned above, swimming in the sea gives your skin the benefits of exfoliation from the sand churned up by the waves, and being out in the ocean exposes you to the sunlight and the vitamin D your body needs. So why not go for a cool and refreshing swim in the clear, calm waters of Fiji’s many lagoons.

An Island Getaway Is Amazing Stress Relief

Stress is the root cause for many health problems, and most of us are aware that any vacation will offer some amount of stress relief. But studies have shown that a beach vacation does far more to lower stress levels. The steady sound of ocean waves is known to mimic the effects of the mothers heart beat in utero. Just listening to the sound of the ocean instantly reduces stress.

If you plan on finding the perfect vacation to improve your health, then you need to try a Fiji Holiday at a resort on the Yasawa or Mamanuca islands. And while you are here, contact Turtle Airways to take care of your resort transfer, day trips, scenic tours or any other air travel you may need while in Fiji.