Situated close to New Zealand and Australia, Fiji Islands are famous for beautiful foods, wonderful beaches and exotic hotels and resorts that make it an attractive place for vast numbers of tourists throughout the year. These five tips will make you have a smart and perfect Fiji holiday experience.

Pack Right for Fiji

the perfect Fiji HolidayPacking for holidays can be challenging for some people. When planning for a perfect Fiji holiday, you need to pack right. The exciting part of Fiji is that it has warm weather throughout the year with the lowest temperatures being about 18°C/64°F. With such weather, a light tropical wardrobe will be excellent. Think of shorts, swimwear, and T-shirts. Importantly, don’t forget to pack some longer light clothing that covers the legs and arms for the slightly colder nights along the beach with an ocean breeze. Also packing some sarongs, also known as “Sulus” or picking one from the gift shop for wearing when leaving the resort will be an excellent move to achieving your perfect Fiji holiday.

Check the Seasons that Your Favorite Activities are Available

Ensure your dream activities are operating during the time you decide to visit since some popular events do not run during a particular time of the year. For example, you can only enjoy Orchid waterfalls near Lautoka and Nadi in Viti Levu during the rainy season otherwise waterfall will appear like a trickle of water. Also, snorkeling with manta rays is only available between May and October in Yasawas. Understanding seasonal and monthly activities will help you maximize your holiday excitement, enjoy all your events, and have a perfect Fiji holiday.

Choose a Good Resort

A holiday in Fiji, especially in Yasawa and Mamanuca islands, is all about your resort. You need a paradise resort that will allow you to enjoy your holiday with a feeling of unmatched serenity. Unlike in city breaks where you can choose to wander and see different attraction all day, in islands you will enjoy most of the time on the beautiful grounds of your resort. You will swim, eat, get massages and also depending on your resort, get kayaks and snorkel gears for exploring the waters off the resort beach. Choosing a good resort, therefore, will play a more significant role in ensuring you achieve everything you want for a perfect Fiji holiday.

Eat a lot of sea Foods

Seafood in Fiji is the specialty. Ranging from fish, lobsters, crabs, and prawns all which are fresh and mostly caught on the same day, trying these plates of seafood will give you memories of your perfect holiday. When in need of some comfort from home food, most food especially seafood are spectacular. There is also a variety of Indian and Chinese cuisines which are prevalent in Fiji and will make you find familiar dishes at your disposal. At nights, several resorts also give you a chance to enjoy different food themes each night, different entertainment and dining. For a unique and perfect Fiji holiday, ensure you try out these foods, and you will have a holiday to remember.

Definitely, Fiji is a magical place to visit. To have a safe, pleasant, and unmatched travel experience, ensure you are well prepared and do your research for necessary do’s and don’ts. This way, you will be sure to have a spectacular and perfect Fiji holiday