Working all year round is considered productive, but taking a sabbatical can help to rejuvenate your mental, physiological, and physical wellbeing. Reading a book or watching movies with your loved ones might seem like a great idea. But, wouldn’t it get much better if you included Yasawa Island among your Fiji itinerary holiday plans?

How to get there

Planning Your Fiji Itinerary: Getting The Most From Your Yasawa Island HolidayThough Fiji located in the middle of the ocean, you can still access the area through a seaplane from courtesy of Turtle Airways. The flight rates will depend on the number of passengers on board or the number of places you want to visit.

To get to Yasawa Islands which is on the northwest of Fiji’s main island, you will need to book a Bula Pass. The pass indicates the number of days you are expected to spend and the number of islands you will explore. You can buy it as soon as the seaplane touches down. You can also get the Bula Combo Pass to cater for all your accommodation plans.

What to plan in your Fiji Itinerary?

Rich in culture

In terms of rich cultural history, Fiji boasts customs and traditions no other island can match. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may be part of the group that enjoys the kava ceremony. Here, you will be treated to a smooth hallucinogenic drink from the roots of the peppermint tree. Top it up with kava from a coconut shell as you sit together in a circle.

Dine, wine and dance the night away

Before heading back to your hotel, ensure you participate in Meke, a song, and dance performed by Fijian locals. Tantalize your taste buds with the local food, popularly known as Fijian Lovo Feast. Remember, all the excursions and meals are included in the cost of the cruise.

Stay in luxury resorts

The Yasawa Islands have many luxurious resorts which are perfect for honeymooners. Captain Cook Cruises also make your traveling experience worth your time and money. A free shuttle will be provided to and from the airport as well as your hotel. If you are traveling with friends, rent a double room instead of buying a dorm bed for each of you.

Plenty of activities

Getting away from the hustle and bustle associated with major city centers is one of the reasons why you should visit Yasawa Island. Unlike other places, it is quite serene with plenty of fun activities you can enjoy with your loved ones. Get prepared to;

  1. Be among the snorkeling and diving team
  2. Be one of the prominent backpackers
  3. Be one of the hikers in the great trails and walks of the Yasawas
  4. Fish with the locals and enjoy the excellent seafood cuisine from the best chefs

The best time to visit Yasawa

Yasawa Island is an all-year-round travel destination that allows individuals from all walks of life to share the great beach and ocean experience. Nevertheless, it is advisable to visit during July-August or October-November to beat the crowds. This will guarantee a private and less busy experience for you and your loved ones.

Fly to and from the airport with Turtle Airways

Since its early beginnings, Turtle Airways strives to make traveling easy thanks to its tailor-made expert advice and pocket-friendly trips. So, if you dream of backpacking at Fiji’s Yasawa Island chain, you can get assistance thanks to their customer care services. Visit their website to get more details on their services, and plan your Fiji itinerary today!