Looking for a perfect destination to either travel with a partner, with a group or solo? There are amazing places like in Fiji that you can travel that have amazing attractions and become unforgettable for years to come. Fiji is known for having well designed luxurious rooms, oceanic resorts which outlay the coastline of Fiji Island. In this article, we shall look at various places that you can choose to visit for a day.

Snorkeling with Sharks at Kuata Island

The south sea island is located at Mamanuca archipelago. This trip is filled with thrilling adventures. You will enjoy a 30minute tour across the clear waters from Port Denarau. At this island, there are various places that you can choose to visit.

  • At Snorkel, there is an amazing arrangement of coral reefs that are pleasing to the eyes. The community of living things that live in a specific location under the ocean.
  • The Kayak found in the lagoons is also a good place that you can visit along the South Sea Island. You will be able to ride in a vessel that is submerged into the water, and upgrade for an introductory dive known as the scuba dive.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy a meal at a barbecue with unlimited tots of your preferred drinks. Turtle Airways ensures that you have been picked at your pick-up point and dropped off depending on the location you chose.

Cloud 9

While at Fiji, you can spend the day at a two-level floating Spend the day on Cloud 9, Fiji’s two-level floating dais that is surrounded by clear blue ocean waters. The packages of this place include a suitable transfer from hotels around Nadi and Denarau. You will also enjoy a tab worth $60 per person. If you love pizza, this is the best place because there is an oven that is fired by wood. This package is accompanied by sports and water vessels that are available upon reservations with added prices. Turtle airline ensures that you are picked at your pick up time and dropped.

Skydive with Only Skydive Operator in Fiji

Amazing Day Trips To Take While In FijiDiving experience is amazing because you will experience a free fall bike dive that runs at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour over the tropical islands of Fiji. When you combine the diving experience with snorkeling with the sharks. Skydive Fiji is the only operating diving operator that is authorized that offers this package. While at Fiji, you should book their “sea, sun, and sky package’ for a day. It starts with diving at the reefs and complete with the jump over the Maolo Islands.

A Perfect Castaway Island Day Cruise

This island was made famous by the movie Tom Hanks Movie, Castaway. The Castaway Island is one of the best plans to spend a day in Fiji. At this Island, you will experience the white sand, get to enjoy watersports and watch the flora and fauna. For a better experience, board a luxurious catamaran that moves at a high speed from Port Denarau to the Castaway Island. you will also experience some hours to have some time relaxing at the sunbeds, float on water and kayaking. When it comes to feeding, you will enjoy a tantalizing seafood lunch and a tropical drink.