We live in a connected world. Whether it is work, friends, or family, everyone is right there at our fingertips. In a lot of ways it is nice, but in other ways, it is stressful. In today’s connected world, getting away is even more important than it used to be. A Yasawa island vacation can be your perfect way to disconnect.

Getting Away

Yasawa Island Vacation Is So Relaxing, You May Put Your Phone Down.In many ways, being connected is a great thing. You have access to the majority of the information in the world, and it is in your pocket. You can read a 1,000-year-old manuscript, or look at pictures of what that person you don’t really remember from high school is having for lunch. Unfortunately, all the drama and stress of our modern life is also at your fingertips. It becomes almost impossible to just walk away from your worries when your worries are constantly at your fingertips.

A Yasawa island vacation can help. The Yasawa island chain was kept free from most land-based tourism up until the late 1980s. As a result, the resorts in this part of Fiji tend to be smaller, and more in touch with the surrounding environment.

When you arrive at any of the resorts in the Yasawa island chain you will immediately feel like you are in another time and another world. The way the neighboring islands gently rise from the majestic Pacific Ocean as it laps at their shores is soothing to all the senses.

Who would want to be distracted by what is going on back at the office while you are laying out on the beach?

Someone else can handle that client while you are snorkeling in a vibrant soft coral reef.

Your friend and family drama can wait till you return from the authentic Fijian Kava ceremony.

Yes, Fiji will make you want to put your phone down and just enjoy your Yasawa island vacation. Why trouble yourself with your day to day life while you are off vacationing in the South Pacific? This is your time.

Fijians Are The Happiest People On Earth

Several studies have confirmed what we have known all along: Fijians are the happiest people on earth. It isn’t hard to understand why once you have spent some time here. It is difficult to be stressed out when you are on a Fijian beach.

relaxing on a Yasawa island vacation

Come To The Yasawa Island Chain

It isn’t hard to get to the Yasawa islands. Most airlines have flights to Nadi from anywhere around the globe. Once you arrive in Nadi, Turtle Airways offers resort transfers to most of the Yasawa island resorts. Our seaplanes don’t need runways and airports as we can land in the lagoon right outside your resort and in many cases, drop you right on the beach. Unlike the 4-hour boat transfers, our low flying scenic flights can get you to your destination in about 30 minutes giving you more time to enjoy on the islands. And we are available for day trips and custom charters as well. So book your Yasawa island vacation today and let Turtle Airways bring you to your ultimate relaxation destination.