These Amazing Fiji Adventures Will Inspire

Fiji is an amazing tropical paradise nestled in the warm waters of the south Pacific. For many people, just getting to Fiji is a bucket list item. However, we feel that these 4 activities go beyond “being there” and become amazing Fiji adventures that anyone traveling to the islands are sure to not want to miss.

Swimming With The Sharks

Amazing Fiji AdventuresI have lived by one beach or another almost all of my life. I am constantly surprised by how many people tell me they don’t like swimming in the ocean because they are afraid of sharks. The truth is, we don’t taste that good to sharks.

I have always been told that the best way to overcome your fear, is to face it. Well there are plenty of places to swim with sharks in Fiji. Some of these places have different varieties of sharks then others, and some places have friendlier sharks then others. Figure out your comfort level and find a place to swim, snorkel or dive with sharks. It is truly an adrenaline filled experience that will make you a better person in the end.

For best recommendations about where to swim with sharks, contact your resort and see what is near them. Then check and see what types of sharks are normally seen during the time of your visit. If that doesn’t suit you, you can always take a Turtle Airways day trip to one of the other locations.

Swimming With The Manta Rays

Manta Rays are just a site to behold. Swimming with Manta Rays is an amazing Fiji Adventure that everyone must try at least once. Just of the coast of Nanuya Balavu Island (in the Yasawa Island Group) is a thin channel that Manta Rays love to travel through between May and October.

Manta Rays have been reportedly sighted growing as large as 30 feet from wing tip to wing tip, but most of the Manta Rays encountered by people are about 12 feet across. These large, graceful animals are no threat to people, and you can visit them by swimming, snorkeling, or SCUBA diving.

The Sawa-i-lau Caves

The Sawa-i-lau caves are in the northern part of the Yasawa Island Chain. These limestone caves carved from the island are only accessible by water. In fact, to get to the “inner sanctum” you must swim through a pitch black tunnel under water. But once inside, you are truly in the heart of the Yasawa.


A Sight Seeing Flight Over Yasawa

Of course, you can get from Manta Ray Bay to the Sawa-i-lau islands rather easily on a Turtle Airways seaplane. We can also book you a flight anywhere else you may want to visit in the Yasawa island chain or Mamanuca island chain. Our flights through Yasawa are low flying scenic flights that allow you to see the islands from a perspective seldom seen.  It truly is an amazing Fiji adventure to take to the sky and view the majestic volcanic islands and soft coral reefs from the air. Bring a camera, because the views are spectacular.