The New Year is almost upon us. It is a time to say good bye to the old, and welcome in the opportunities that come with a fresh new year. Many people like to celebrate New Years by traveling to a great party destination. New York’s Time Square, The Las Vegas Strip, Miami, London, Paris, Fiji. Have you made your plans yet?

Choosing A South Pacific Resort

New Years at a South Pacific ResortThere are many amazing islands in the South pacific to choose from, so how do you decide what would be the best place to spend your New Years Eve? We think Fiji is the best place in the South Pacific to enjoy your holiday, and we think that the Yasawa Islands in western have the best South Pacific Resorts to choose from and here are a few reasons why:

The People

The Fijian People have been voted the “Happiest People on Earth” for several years running. When you come to Fiji, it will be easy to see why. It is hard not to be happy in this tropical paradise. Many of the small resorts that dot Fiji’s Yasawa islands are owned and operated by local Fijian’s who go out of their way to make sure you enjoy your stay as much as they enjoy hosting you. Celebrating the arrival of the new year with happy people will make the event even more enjoyable. No one knows a better way to celebrate then the happiest people on Earth

The Weather

Why go to New York and brave the ice cold winter weather when it is summer in the South Pacific? Being on the other side of the equator means that New years is actually during Fiji’s summer. When you come to Fiji for New years you can enjoy the day in a swimsuit on the beach, or swimming in the amazingly calm and clear waters of one of the many lagoons. You can work on your tan during the day and party at night. No need to bundle up for your night out on New years Eve in Fiji, because it doesn’t get cold in Fiji in January. And on New Years Day, you can sooth yourself on the beach listening to the calm sounds of the ocean.

It’s Good For The Planet

Travel to a South Pacific ResortWe mentioned that most of the resorts in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands are locally owned, well that means that they have been designed with sustainability in mind. The local Fijians want to preserve their island homes for future generations, and by spending time at their resorts, you are helping them save the planet. So when you come to celebrate New Years Eve at South Pacific Resort in Fiji’s Yasawa islands, you are celebrating another year, and helping to secure many more great years for everyone.

When booking your trip to a South Pacific Resort in Fiji, make sure to check with Turtle Airways to book a low flying scenic flight from the international airport in Nadi out to your resort destination. The sights are amazing and the flight is well worth it.