flightnetwork.com recently rated the top 50 beaches in the world and put the beaches of the Blue Lagoon in Fiji’s Yasawa islands as number 13. They scored the Blue Lagoon a 9/10 for sheer untouched beauty, a 10/10 for remoteness, and an 8/10 for sand and water quality.

The Beaches of Fiji's Blue LagoonThe reviews rave about the pearl-white sand beaches, and call the lagoon “some of the clearest waters on the planet”.

At Turtle Airways, the #1 provider of seaplane transfers to Yasawa island resorts, we think the best part of the review is where they say “The most impressive scenery, however, comes from above. As you approach the island by seaplane, you’ll be met by rugged, emerald-green peaks rising dramatically from the sea. As you get closer, the details will become clear: a maze of idyllic coves, mangrove swamps and crystal-clear lagoons await you on the ground.” After decades of bringing travelers to the Blue Lagoon in our seaplanes, we agree wholeheartedly.

“Rustic, low-key lodging and colorful shallow coral for snorkeling await you on this dreamy beach destination.“ – Lauren Mowery – Forbes

The review of Fiji’s Blue lagoon mentions the “low Key” lodging at Nabua Lodge, and although this is a great resort, we would also recommend Nanuya Island Resort, or (if you are looking to trade the rustic low-key accommodations for luxury ones) Turtle Island Resort. From any of the amazing resorts you can experience the same Blue Lagoon made famous in the 1980 film “The Blue Lagoon” staring a young Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.

The Romance of Fiji’s Blue Lagoon

Of course, the beaches of Fiji’s Blue Lagoon are not only the best all around beaches in the world. Fiji Airways called Turtle Islands beaches on the Blue lagoon the Most Romantic Beach in Fiji. So whether you are looking for the perfect wedding destination, to renew your vows, have an amazing honeymoon, or just a romantic vacation, Fiji’s Blue lagoon should top your list.

Getting to Fiji's Blue LagoonGetting To Fiji’s Blue Lagoon

You can to the international airport in Nadi from almost anyplace in the world. Once there, you have a couple choices on how to make it the 50 miles out into the South Pacific where the Yasawa Islands lay waiting.

The first choice would be by boat. After all, it was by boat that the first westerners ever saw the Fiji islands  in 1643. And it was by boat that the original inhabitants of Fiji arrived on these islands around 1500 BC.

But let’s be honest here, the boat takes about 5 hours to make the trip, and technology has come a long way since Abel Tasman, James Cook, and William Bligh sailed these waters.

Today, the best way to get to Fiji’s Blue lagoon is on a seaplane. Turtle Airways has flights leaving Nadi for the Yasawa islands almost hourly, and our low flying scenic trips take only about half an hour. With Turtle Airways, you are guaranteed to be relaxing on the beach sooner.