3 Best Budget Friendly Resorts in Fiji’s Yasawa IslandsAfter so much hard work, you deserve a break. A holiday to the most decent and sort after resorts in Fiji’s Yasawa islands. But, how do you get there? You don’t want to waste a lot of time traveling and arrive tired and scared to death after battling sea waves. An excellent choice of transportation is therefore not something you can ignore. You need a means that can let you explore the marine universe, discover, and reach places that you would usually not reach. You need a low-flying seaplane from Turtle flies to carry you from Nadi to good low-cost resorts like Botaira Beach resort, Barefoot island resort, and coconut beach resort. A plane that will give you the convenience of choosing a perfect fight out of the many flights they make to Fiji Yasawa islands. These resorts are pocket-friendly with great value for your hard-earned cash.

Botaira Beach Resort

Botaira beach has one of the most stunning coral structures that you can ever come across. There is also a variety breath taking tropical sceneries and fishes, which is sure to take all your attention. If you love to interact and compete, then you can go for spear throwing competition that is part of the Fijian culture. Also, remember to carry your swimming costumes when visiting the resort on temperature winter months. The opportunity to swim with the incredible manta rays is not something you will want to miss. If you usually do exercises, then there is no need to worry since you can join the game of beach volleyball. There is nothing that Botaira beach resort leaves uncovered. There are fresh, delicious lobsters made in the evenings that will leave you licking your fingers.

Barefoot Island Resort

Just from its name, the resort is a perfect place to get in touch with nature. With the ever-busy lifestyle, this is the place to rediscover and renew yourself. If your life has recently been moving too fast, then Barefoot Island Resort is the place to get the silence you had forgotten for a long time. Barefoot island resort is the true definition of nature. You will as well explore the magnificent hard and soft corals with the guide of spectacular manta rays. Turtles and various reef sharks will also be your companions throughout your trip here. The resort has joined the International Ecotourism Society and has invested in research projects of its local manta rays and sharks as well as conservation projects. All these efforts are driven by their passion to intensify the natural experience of their guests. The resort usually offers discounts on accommodation and meals for guests going to dive and checking out for such deals can be very cost effective.

Resort Transfers To Budget Friendly resorts In FijiCoconut Beach Resort

Travel in style with a Turtle Airways seaplane transfer to a classy Fiji island destination, and be a guest of the beautiful Coconut Beach Resort. The resort attracts an impressive influx of tourists from all over the world. It offers unlimited natural attractions amidst a charming grove of coconut palms. This stunning resort prides in the legendary Blue Lagoon situated right at its front door blending with naturalistic copra plantation with elegant oceanfront making it a prime-time destination resort.

Coconut Beach Resort is a heaven on earth and very affordable. Enjoy snoozing on the hammock at their bure, engage in fun activities such as coconut husking, bowling, and have a lifetime adventure in the Sawa-i-Lau cave. Their seafood, desserts, and seasonal vegetables are also exceptionally delicious.