The Republic of Fiji, commonly shortened to Fiji, is located in the South Pacific just over 1,000 miles northeast of New Zealand. Fiji has always been a popular travel destination but with over 333 islands to choose from, deciding where to go can be a dizzying experience. We’ve narrowed the list down for you to three all-inclusive resorts.

All-Inclusive Resorts in FijiMantaray Island Resort

Mantaray Island Resort has an activities team on the beach ready to inform you of what’s going down on the island. You could go for a guided island trek and explore the island’s wildlife and hidden beaches. You won’t have to settle for the soothing sea-sounds track at the spa while you’re on Mantaray. The island breezes rustle the palm leaves and the lazy waves crash right beside you as a licensed massage therapist pampers you oceanside. Try your hand at cooking the local cuisine. What better souvenir could you bring back for your friends then cooking up some island food at your next dinner party? Sign up for one of the resort’s cooking classes. Regail your friends with the story of how you learned to cook your new signature dish.

Turtle Island

Staying at Turtle Island Fiji is a truly unforgettable experience. Can you imagine having an island paradise all to yourself? With only 14 couples invited to stay at a time, and 14 private beaches, Turtle Island is as close as it gets. Turtle Island is designed to showcase the best of Fijian culture. Over 500 acres of an idyllic, tropical oasis are yours to explore. The pace is lingering. The people are friendly. The entire island runs on solar-power and produce is all locally grown. Each villa has been lovingly crafted by Fijian artisans.

A stay at Turtle Island is undoubtedly a romantic getaway. When you need a break from looking into each other’s eyes, the cuisine is fantastic. Schedule to eat a sunrise breakfast on the beach, attend a dinner party with other guests, or opt for an intimate “dine out.” The Turtle Island dine out is a candlelight dinner on a wooden dock floating in the ocean. It is an experience that perfectly summarizes your time in Fiji and on Turtle Island.

Yasawa Island Resort & Spa

Yasawa Island is the northernmost part of the Yasawa Island group. Because of this the climate is warm and dry year round; even during the rainy season. Yasawa Island Resort & Spa offers one of a kind diving and snorkeling experiences in pristine waters across their 11 beaches. Being the only commercial property on the island means exclusive access to luxury amenities and genuine Fijian culture.

The Yasawa Island Resort shares its home with the Fijian village of Bukua. Guests of the resort can experience this village if the chief grants permission. For a taste of culture at the resort itself attend a lovo feast, or enjoy the traditional meke dancing ceremony.

Of course, every island in Fiji sounds like a tropical paradise. Luckily, you can do some island hopping and experience them all. Going from island to island via seaplane is the best choice. It allows you get to your destination safely and quickly. A seaplane will add an extra element to your vacation as you view the incredible Fijian islands from overhead.