Captain James Cook(1728-1779). Nathaniel Dance. BHC2628Researchers believe they may have found the sunken wreckage of famed British explore Captain James Cook’s renowned ship the H.M.S. Endeavour. Cook commanded the Endeavour from 1768 to 1771 while he mapped the uncharted waters of the South Pacific. After sticking the Great Barrier Reef and receiving damage, the Endeavour was repaired and returned to England in 1771.

In 1772, Captain Cook set sail again for the South Pacific in a ship named the Resolution. On this voyage, in 1774, Captain Cook landed in Fiji, and explored many of the islands. The name Fiji is credited to Captain Cook who combined the names “Fisi” that the people from Tonga called Fiji, and “Viti” that natives Fijians called their islands.

The H.M.S. Endeavour, however, had a different fate. It was sold off after Captain Cook’s 1771 return to England, and passed through many hands. It was eventually renamed the Lord Sandwich and used by England against the revolutionary colonists in what is now the United States of America.

In the lead up to the 1778 Battle of Rhode Island, British forces scuttled the Lord Sandwich in Newport Harbor. The Lord Sandwich (along with 12 other ships) were sunk in shallow waters to blockade the harbor from the French fleet that was coming to the aid of the rebellious colonists.

Researchers are planning a more extensive exploration of the location of the wrecks and “a more intense study of each vessel’s structure and its related artifacts”.

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