natural-attractions-in-fijiSeeing Natural Attractions in Fiji From the Air

Fiji has an enormous number of natural attractions that are sure to please when seen up close and in person. However, those natural attractions can become even better when seen from the air while ensconced in the seat of a seaplane, which is an experience like nothing else in the world.

List of Natural Attractions in Fiji You Must See From the Air

Here are some examples of the best natural attractions in Western Fiji to see from the air:

  • The waters that surround Fiji’s islands are worth seeing on their own. However, they can become even better when they start approaching the landmasses because the contrast emphasizes the visual spectacle by highlighting particularly stand-out features all the more. One excellent example is the Blue Lagoon, which boasts vivid shades of blue that combine with the white sand beaches to create something that is more beautiful than the sum of its parts.
  • Since the Yasawa Islands were created through volcanic action, it should come as no surprise to learn that they are home to soaring mountains as well as other impressive rock formations. In particular, the island of Waya Lailai is home to the highest peak in the Yasawa Islands, which makes for a particularly impressive sight from the air when combined with Fiji’s lush growth as well as the Pacific Ocean’s sparkling blue waters.
  • Qualito Island is one of the 20 islands that make up the Mamanuca Islands. Part of the island is home to a beautiful resort that makes excellent use of its surroundings, while the rest combines tropical rainforest with white sand beaches. For people who love movies, they might also know the place as Castaway Island, which is named for the movie of the same name that starred Tom Hanks.
  • The waters that surround the Mamanuca Islands are home to numerous coral reefs. While swimming close to them is something that all visitors to Fiji should experience at least once in their lives, seeing them from the air can make for an amazing experience all on its own, particularly since they are alive with vibrant colors.
  • Vuda Point is said to be the place where Chief Lutunasobasoba and his people first set foot on Fiji after sailing from their ancient homeland to the west. In modern times, it is the site of extensive settlement, which combines with its natural appeal to create a most picturesque scene when seen from the air.

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