seaplane to get to yasawaThe Yasawa Island chain is comprised of approximately 20 Volcanic Islands with an approximate total area of about 135 square kilometers in Western Fiji. Yasawa Islands include Kuata, Waya, Naukacuvu, Naviti, Drawaqa, Yaqeta Island among others. These Islands might be a bit difficult to go to by other means of transport like boats since it is among those located at outer Island chains. Unlike Nadi Island, Yasawa destinations are made faster and easier by seaplanes.

If you are planning to travel to the Yasawa Island groups to and from, then you need to consider on how to get there. Once you decide to seek or book accommodation at the Yasawa Islands’ resorts, there is a need to confirm the mode of transfers. Here, there are a number of transportation modes that one should look into such as ferries/ boats, buses from within the Island, taxi and also the seaplanes for an Island to island transfers. It is worth choosing a mode of transport compatible with you, your friends or family.

Traveling to Yasawa Island is definitely a unique experience just like hop on or off tour. To get to this Island, you need to go through some routes that include South Sea Island, Vomo, and Waya. For your tropical model tour to be great, you need a great mode of transport link. From Nadi, seaplanes have become most sort-after mode of transport. This is attributed to the fact that seaplane is the in thing in the modern transportation, a convenient and affordable choice. There are reasons why you should choose seaplanes to get to Yasawa Island from Nadi including:

Seaplanes are relatively fast compared to boats or ferries means of transport, and as such, they save your time especially when you are in a hurry to reach the Islands.

Convenient for a relaxed ‘away-from-noise’ journeys

Even if you going for a picnic or a vacation with family and friends, you are assured of reaching the Yasawa Islands with all your belongings intact.

get to yasawaWith seaplanes, you are assured of endless fun viewing the beautiful sceneries of other Islands and the refreshments of tropical breezes on your way to Yasawa.

Use of seaplanes assures you of security all through to your destination.

Lastly, seaplane transport is relatively cheaper and convenient since you can make the bookings at any time, weather or season.

Turtle Airways seaplane flights have deepened the experience and added flavor to the journey from Nadia to Yasawa Islands giving you the chance to see more of the Fiji Islands. Furthermore, they have contributed to the scenic tours by air specializing in day trips to ensure you experience and enjoy an array of natural wonders of Yasawa. It has also ensured tourists book for tickets at any time or season with their tickets being available at affordable prices.

Turtle Airways Seaplane flights have for long ensured that tourists get a more closer-to-heaven feeling during your transfers from Nadia to Yasawa ensuring you begin your adventurous and magical in incomparable style. On top of this, through their fast, scenic seaplanes, you are able to have a trip of its kind and at affordable rates.