When to travel to fijiImagine arriving in Fiji and swiftly going from the airport to the next sun lounge by the pool, cocktail in hand. When it comes to a holiday in Fiji, anytime is holiday time. For the most peaceful and tranquil time vacation in Fiji, it’s important to equip yourself and understand the times that best suits your holiday expectation

Fiji is typically a great place to visit all year round, so the best time to visit Fiji is more of a personal preference. Nevertheless, there are factors you will consider, depending on the kind of holiday you want and what to do while here, the best time to visit Fiji may vary.

Some of the factors that can affect your decision on when to travel to Fiji are peak and off-peak seasons. The most popular times are July to August which is the school holidays and the Christmas/New Year period. At this time, resorts are filled with families breaking for the period of Australian and New Zealand school holidays. The peak season is expensive with many crowds at the various sceneries.

The off-peak season is not only affordable but can be more enjoyable with the attractive deals available from March to October. It is typically the best time for couples to visit, if they desire a peaceful, tranquil and romantic holiday.

Being a tropical destination, the weather in Fiji is pleasant and moderately mild year round. However, there are just varying wet and dry seasons. Like most tropical climates, the summer rainy season runs November to March with high temperatures in the low 30s and increased humidity, the island experiences higher levels of precipitation and an increased threat of cyclones.

With its location in the southern hemisphere, Fiji’s dry spell takes place in the cooler months from May to September. Temperatures stay warm enough for sunbathing, swimming, tours and

Fun activities you can do in Fiji

When to travel to fijiFiji’s array of holiday relaxing or adventurous activities can suit everyone who steps on the island; Relaxing around the pool and dining in style or strolling on the beaches at night. Most of the activities rotate around water sports; you can try diving, parasailing snorkeling, and golfing.

In general, the best season to visit is from late October to the beginning of November. The cost of travel and accommodation is still low and the weather dry. The beaches and resorts at this time are less crowded as Australian, and Newzealand schools are still in session.

Fijian island is in the South Pacific, three to four hours by plane from the east coast of Australia, Fiji is an attractive tropical haven. You will be drawn to the natural beauty of the islands but, welcomed genuine and kind-hearted Fijian populous.

Fiji is so trendy with couples and families. When you explore its eye-catching beaches and the warm tropical climate, you experience a release of stress.

Getting to Fiji is quite straightforward and inexpensive, and there is always a means all year long. There is a range of cheap flights available direct from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Connecting flights also operate out of the main Australian cities. Seaplanes available from the Nadi International Airport or Denarau Marina will connect the visitor to the various holiday destinations on the Coral Coast and surrounding islands.