The Yasawa Island Chain

Fiji-From-The-AirFiji’s Yasawa Islands provide a unique experience to all travelers and vacationers. These islands are a perfect getaway for families, couples and adventurers. Referred to as the Blue Lagoon region after the release of a popular film ‘The Blue Lagoon’ in 1980, the islands have a lot to offer. The locals are friendly, and the atmosphere is serene for relaxation and merry-making. The area is a popular destination for filmmakers due to its renowned crystal clear waters, pristine white beaches and beautiful scenery.

With these wonderful natural resources, the area is characterized by numerous fun activities. The beach being a central feature offers travelers and vacationers endless opportunities for day trips. Whether you choose to sit and enjoy the ocean breeze as you read a book or go discovering reefs near the shoreline this is your best destination. The Blue Lagoons also offers opportunities to go for fishing trips with the locals.

You may choose to visit the villages and interact with the locals or frolicking in the shallows. That is simply the best destination for exploring and adventures since even the field trips are limited to a small number of people. With these numerous islands comes with numerous adventure and sight viewing opportunities. While moving from one island to the next the best, safest and quickest way to do so is via a seaplane.

Seaplane Transfers

WayaWayasewaThese seaplanes deposit you right next to the scenic features of the Blue Lagoon ensuring that you encounter nature and its beautiful features up-close. The Majestic Sawa-i-lau Caves are a very popular destination while visiting the Blue Lagoon. Turtle Airways have excellent scenic seaplanes that get you right at the entrance of the caves believed to be the home of the Yasawa islands’ Deity, Ulutini. Before accessing the caves, a traditional Fijian ceremony is held at a nearby village. In this ceremony, the cave guardians will grant you access to this beautiful historic site.

This natural site is surrounded by myths and legends that are interesting and much fascinating. To gain access to these caves, you will require swimwear since they are partially submerged in water. A trip to the Blue Lagoon is not complete without the scuba diving trips. With the crystal clear waters, you can explore the depths of the radiant yet the serene world. With the numerous types of sea life present, this is simply a magnificent memory to make. Everything on these islands is beautiful hence you will always need cameras to keep records of the wonderful experience the Blue Lagoon has to offer.

The seaplanes are the best ways to get to your morning dives. That ensures that you quickly arrive at your selected scuba diving trips destinations safely. The Yasawa islands offer you the experience of privacy on their beautiful beaches. Just half an hour flight away from the main Fiji Island, the Yasawa Beaches give you a priceless experience. With the refreshing breeze and exclusive experience, you are guaranteed to feel like you are on your private beach. The activities on the beaches include snorkeling, kayaking, and picnic lunch. These Islands are simply the best getaways whether on family vacations and honeymoons.

To experience all that these islands have to offer, you should make your movements easier with the use of Turtle Airways seaplanes.