explore-fijiSo you’ve been at your island resort for a while and are feeling the urge to explore. While your resort has abundant activities, you are itching to do something different, something exciting. Why not book a seaplane day trip and explore the other islands of Fiji? Getting a different perspective may be all you need to get over that trapped feeling that has been weighing you down.

Exploring Fiji

There is no better way to explore more of Fiji than from a seaplane. By flying from one beautiful location to another, visitors are able to experience the wonders of the islands. Sure you can take boat tours, but flying will take give you a vantage point that no boat can match. Once you step into the seaplane, your adrenaline will start flowing, and as you climb, it will really start to flow. The excitement you will feel as you look out over the pristine blue waters that surround the island nation is beyond compare.

There are several day trips offered by Turtle airways, which has been serving the islands for over thirty years. Have you ever wanted to see where the classic coming of age film, “The Blue Lagoon” was filmed? With a seaplane day trip, not only can you see this iconic location, you can spend some quality time on this gorgeous white sand beach.

Since the amount of visitors to this location is limited, you will enjoy the serenity of the natural surroundings. You can sit on the quiet beach and catch up on your reading, or take a more adventurous approach. Bring your snorkeling gear and explore the reefs capturing the beauty of the sea with your underwater camera.

If fishing is your passion, join the locals for a hand line fishing experience. Perhaps you simply want to enjoy the shallows and some water play with your little ones; this is the place for that. Enjoy a carefree day knowing that the shallow water is safe for your tots.

fiji-day-tripsPerhaps you have a bit of an anthropologist inside, take this opportunity to visit the village and see how the locals live. Enjoy seeing how life on the island is lived. If this isn’t private enough for you, take the day trip to a completely private beach. You can enjoy your own piece of paradise for the day. On this private beach you can go snorkeling and kayaking. A picnic lunch will quiet those rumbling tummies, followed by some lazy time, swaying gently in a hammock.

For scuba divers, Turtle Airways offers a fantastic seaplane day trip to the best scuba diving spot in the Blue Lagoon, however flying isn’t recommended after diving, so a ferry ride back the same day is available, or Turtle Airways will be happy to arrange overnight accommodations and return for you the next day. However you plan it, the diving experience is unmatched.

Finally, your seaplane day trip destination could be the Sawa-i-lau Caves for an incredible day of unforgettable exploration. This culturally immersive experience begins with a ceremony to allow you to enter the caves where the deity, Ulutini is believed by natives to reside. Even though this is cave exploration, swimwear is needed.

Make the most of your time and explore all of Fiji with a seaplane day trip! Visit Turtle Airways today