Understanding a Fiji luxury vacation

Planning a luxury vacation can be challenging if you do not know what a luxury trip entails. While most people consider it as backpacking and road-tripping across various destinations for fun, experts in Yasawa Islands view it differently. To them, a luxury vacation encompasses around the differences in terms of services. With a Fiji luxury vacation, you can travel in privacy, enjoy your stay in secluded four or five-star hotel that offers services that are customized to your preference. Here are some expert tips to help you attain ultimate luxury as you plan to splurge on a Fiji luxury vacation in Yasawa islands.

Set Your Intention for A Luxury Vacation

Planning A Fiji Luxury Vacation in YasawaVacationers often travel for different reasons. You may take a Fiji luxury trip to celebrate a career milestone, relax, or commemorate a honeymoon or wedding anniversary. You must first consider the goal you plan to achieve after your vacation to ensure you get value out of the cost of your trip. Setting your intentions can help you decide if you want to a beach, a jungle, busy city, or even a countryside locale.

Yasawa Islands of Fiji offers you a wide array of luxury sceneries that will satiate your need for luxury. The incredible range of natural wonders such as the drenched sandy beaches, exotic tropical forests, and various resorts and beach activities will offer you an unforgettable luxury experience. Luxury activities in the Yasawa islands include but not limited to the following:

  • Enjoying a private beach picnic
  • Horse riding and swimming with giant manta rays
  • Beachfront massage
  • Scuba diving and windsurfing

Taking a seaplane with Turtle-Airways will spice your trip up a notch by offering you scenic tour over Fiji. You can satiate your wanderlust while taking a flying tour over the world-class beaches and mountainous terrain.

Strategize on Your Transportation Needs

Getting to the Yasawa or moving from one resort to another within the islands can either be through seaplane, cruises, and boats. However, you might not like shoving your carry-on into a crowded boat. You may consider Turtle-Airways if you want to have a luxurious experience. They offer quick services through their helicopters and seaplane transfers. The air operators are committed to providing you breathtaking low-flying scenic transfer in a spacious and comfortable plane. Turtle-Airways offer 2 – 6 flights per day to most resorts, including Stars resort, Island resort, Otto & Fanny’s and Paradise Cove.

Invest in a Private Guide who Knows your Destination

A private guide in Fiji can complement the Airport add-ons meant to guide. You can quickly and privately navigate through customs and immigration if you hire a private guide. Your travel guide will help you decide on the resort to lodge, the beach you can splurge in or where you can save and still explore the local culture. Turtle Airways improves your travel experience by providing you with information on resorts that offer luxury water and land activities or luxury dining experience.

Think About Seasonality

Consider traveling during peak season when resorts optimize their services. Many business owners often renovate their premises during low- activities season. You should always plan your luxury trip when traveling and tourism is a peak to access high-end services.

Consider Turtle Airways for Fiji Luxury Vacation in Yasawa islands

Turtle Airways will offer you a paradise experience in and around Yasawa islands. The air provider collaborates with island resorts to provide you efficient resort transfers. They provide convenient connection to a turtle drop off point and seas shores of various resorts. Enjoy low charter rates in your luxurious stay and inter-island transfers between the luxurious resorts in Yasawa Islands.