Fiji has one of the world’s friendliest people, their optimism and their love for one another will light your day up. They will socialize with you and even prepare for you those traditional cuisines in a unique way; they make you want more every time. For the budget traveler, backing Fiji is an incredible experience and Fiji’s Yasawa islands and the perfect place to do it. 

Climate in Fiji

backpacking fijiIt is only in Fiji that you will never put up with the cold and windy condition for days, weather here is warm, and what’s more, you get fresh food all through the year, so anytime you’re there be sure to try out the menu. From fun to sceneries to warm beaches, Fiji has it all.

Socialize with locals and get to learn a new language, and if not, you can take home some famous phrases that will leave your friends awed back at home.

How to Get to Fiji

Fiji has only one international airport in Nadi. New Zealand and Australia send here the most flights of any country, not forgetting other Asian countries. If you want to get the best flight deal to Fiji, you should do so through Auckland as it is the closest city to Fiji. Turtle airways will surely make your visit there worthwhile. Their seaplanes will get you anywhere in Fiji, especially the magical Yasawa Islands, you will get a unique and exceptional experience like never before. We know all things Fiji; try us today. Located in Wailoaloa Beach, which is just a few minutes from Nadi international airport by taxi. We are conveniently located to get you around this magical place. Forget about the sea boats and experience things differently. We have taxi services that will pick you from the airport, book you into those beautiful beach hotels and positively be part of your vacation. Further, you get affordable fares that will guarantee you a spot in our seaplane to take you around Yasawa Islands.

When you finally arrive in this magical place, take yourself out of the cities and experience what the country has to offer with Turtle Airways.

Best Time to go Backpacking Fiji

Fiji backpacking adventureYou can travel to Fiji anytime all through the year. The beautiful experience never fades. For anything, the place gets better with each visit you make there. Honestly, you can never get enough of this place. The island has one of the best climates, and you can always visit anytime. However, some tropical storms can become problematic, but with time, you will get used to them as you enjoy your summer in Fiji with Turtle Airways.

It is effortless to get into Fiji, from over 100 countries, you can always get into Fiji and enjoy yourself. Visitors have an allowance of up to four months Visa-free stay, and what is more, you can conveniently extend your stay there.

Turtle Airways promises the best of everything. Move around the Yasawa chain of islands with ease with our excellent services. Be that person who appreciates change and tries out our seaplanes. Our charges are pocket- friendly, perfect for your backpacking Fiji trip. Try us today.